Exercise is vital for good and better health.

The best thing to do if you want to lose weight is take on some exercise on daily basis.

It depends on which exercise is fit for you and you need to select one that wont fall by the wayside after a few weeks or months.


Many people are doing what they can to lose weight and avoid obesity, but losing weight is a process.

Hence, you need to organize yourself and plan how you will be performing exercises which is very essential for this tough journey.

The following are 7 ‘must do’ exercises for weight loss

1. Walking

This is an excellent exercise to do for weight loss.

It does not mean you walk until you drop but rather giving yourself a time frame on when you should walk and for how long you walk.

Walking is not vigorous hence suitable for everybody who cannot do strenuous exercises such as lifting weights at the gym.

You should wear comfortable shoes and keep drinking water for effective and successful walk. The more you walk, the more you burn calories in your body hence reducing weight.

Walk for about a mile at a slow pace to avoid getting easily tired.

Consider walking to the office every morning when going to work. This exercise is good not only for aiding weight loss, but also helps people suffering from obesity and heart problems.

Do not get discouraged or tired until you cover the one mile. In case you find it boring and risky walking alone, ask a friend to accompany you anytime you go walkling.

2. Swimming

It is enjoyable to swim since almost everybody likes being in the water.

If you are a beginner, ensure you go with a friend who knows how to swim to guide and show you how to go about it. Or alternatively, look for a trainer.

weight loss exercises_4Any day you are off duty or during the weekend, make sure you go for a swim. Swimming is a full body workout as well as being low-impact, so it won’t put any strain on the ankles or knees like running will, for example.

Do not swim continuously; you need to take little time to relax before going back to the swimming pool.

In relation to weight loss news, you are supposed to ensure both hands and legs are in action once you get into water if you want swimming to help reduce weight.

3. Hit the Gym

Attending the gym will give you a chance to try the best exercises that can make you reduce or lose weight within a short period of time, compared to other exercises.

The best workouts for weight loss include lifting weights, treadmill, barbells etc.

You need to organize yourself when to attend the gym; the best time for attending is in the in evening after work.

At the gym, ensure you follow the instructions of the gym instructor to avoid performing vigorous exercises that will harm you. Do not fail to attend any appointment at the gym until you are fit.

After you have finished working out, take a hot shower which help your body feel relieved and relaxed.

4. Running

weight loss exercises_2You need to run approximately one mile when free especially on weekends if your goal is to shed those extra pounds.

Avoid running at high pace since you will get tired too fast. In addition, wear light shoes and sports clothes which will enable you to feel free, cool and comfortable as you run.

Maintain a particular an appropriate pace that will enable you finish your running target.

You can increase the pace after every week or two.

You should stay motivated and keep your  weight loss goal in mind as you run.

To avoid feeling insecure or lonely during the race, ask a friend or a family member to accompany you. This will be motivating and you may complete the set distance faster than you even expected.

Running comes with health benefits such as reduction of blood pressure and reduces the change of diabetes.

5. Yoga

This involves a variety of poses that are not strenuous and require very little space. You only need a mat that will help you perform the exercise of your choice enhancing quick weight loss.

Take yoga classes to find out the best poses for weight loss.

Alternatively, you can try online research to find which yoga moves will speed up your weight loss goals.

6. Dancing

This is an exercise that many people view as a way of keeping fit while enjoying themselves. You can shed weight very easily as you are on the move and in a jovial mood without struggle.

weight loss exercises_5Make sure that you take at least 30 minutes dancing to your fastest rhythm on a daily basis.

Belly fat will be gone as well as any other excess fat in the body within a short period.

This exercise is recommended to those who do not like getting involved in vigorous exercises or outdoor activities.

7. Jogging

Morning and evening hours are the best for jogging.

Along with jogging you can try taking weight loss supplements to speed up the weight loss process, as featured in reviews of weight loss products.

The supplements can help you lose as much weight as you wish within a short period, but it’s important to remember that weight loss products will not work by themselves! You should pair them with a healthy diet and an exercise plan.


The above 7 weight loss exercises will work only if you are committed to them. Make use of the best exercise that suits you and weight loss will not be such a challenge anymore.

If you have a medical condition don’t forget to ask your doctor about what the best workout is for you. 

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