How do you plan on getting ready for such a special occassion? How and where do you start? Each person will/should start in a way that works best for them.

Start with cardio 4-6 days or nights. Start there to increase endurance and further prepare you for future workouts as you slim down before begining to tone. 15-30 minutes of cardio is a great start.Keep in mind that we can not out train unhealthy eating, lack of production or lack of sleep.

Check this healthy balanced diet


The first month of your 3 months wedding workout plan

to get a clearer idea(s) of how to get your mind right, body ready and discover what you need. Will you workout on your own, with bridesmaids, groomsmen?

Do you need or want a fitness trainer to take the guest work out and make your efforts more fun?

Have you started eating healthy?

After 4-6 days of biking, rowing, jump roping and any forms of cardio that you chose add resistance training: body weight; power wheel(perform better), Jungle gym (, dumbbells and/or band from

wedding workout plan2

Do NOT stick to just 1 to keep the muscles guessing and to prevent boredom. All of which will help you tone up when done in a way that works best for you.

Do NOT rush through your program. That is how people get discouraged and/or hurt. Ladies: heavy resistance of 12-15 repetitions, minimal rest of 20-50 seconds between sets unless you need more time to catch your breath and rehydrate.

Gentlemen: 8-12 repetitions with 25-70 seconds between sets.This is with intent to tone in less time. Stretch to ease soreness and sleep 4-8 hours every night or day depending on your schedule.

Start your program with at least 1 other person to get and/or stay motivated. Focus on how your clothes fit and how you feel instead of the numbers on a scale. Your 3 month wedding workout plan can be fun, needs to be productive and not take too long.

Make being healthy and fit a lifestyle change so that you do not have to restart or try as hard regardless of the event. You may start to inspire others if you do not already.I pray that you enjoy the journey to your 3 month wedding workout plan and have a great wedding.

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