What have you done to this date to feel and look great naked?  

What led you to try that? Are you closer to feeling and looking great naked? Why not try these exercises to look great naked?

Ignore the scales

There are programs that will work for one person but may not work for the next one. Try different things including trying to make your workouts fun.

Nutrition is a key ingredient toward achieving your goal(s) as well.

I have told my clients for years to focus less on the numbers they see on any scale and more on how we are all feel and look when naked.

I have said that and believe that because so many people are squeezing into clothing that they should not being trying to squeeze into and people are using clothes, usually baggy clothes to hide their body, in my opinion.

Don’t hide yourself

As owner and trainer of my business I strive to help my clients feel and look great regardless of the season and hopefully regardless of who is around, within reason of course.

When is the last time you took off all of your clothes, stood in front of at least one mirror and looked up, down, left, right, front and back of your body to see how you look, how you feel about it and what to do next?

exercises to look good naked_2Location, speed and duration

You do not need much equipment and not likely to need a lot of space.

Doing the same exact thing will not work for long. Make sure to change, location, speed, duration. 

Dumbbells and bands will do your body good. Using bands will allow for you to tone your whole body without needing much space.  Too little resistance will be a waste of time and too much resistance will not help you achieve your goal(s) as much and can hurt.

With the bands wrap the anchor that comes with your bands to the door, around a pole or something to do ab twists. That will help tone your abs and low back.  You can do downward crunches using the bands as well.

Lower body

Toning your legs and butt will be very productive as long as you hit each angle preferably twice each week. If you have or get a waist belt to attach your bands to, you will be able to do jogging, sprinting and plyometric drills which will decrease fat and add fun.

You are able to tone your whole body as I said above.

As long as you make healthier food choices, keep active and rest as needed you will be well on your way to shape your curves and look great naked.

To get more information you can connect with me through the link below or email your questions and goals to me where I can provide online fitness and nutrition training which will arrive in your email per month based on the program you choose.

Get moving and have fun.

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