Health and wellness is all about consistency. Usually, when we take a vacation, we take a vacation from everything, including our usual exercise routine.

But what would happen if we were able to stick to our exercise routine while on vacation, and even have fun while doing it?

That’s precisely what I’m about to talk about! Many of us vacation in areas with water: near the beach, hotels with gorgeous pools, so why not use this water to your advantage by doing some water aerobics exercises?


Water Aerobics: Why they work

Water aerobics exercises can actually be a great form to keep fit. Water works as a resistance, much like weights or resistance bands do on land. That means that you can use the water to make exercises feel harder.

Water also provides constant resistance, meaning your muscles are working the entire time your body is under the water. This helps you to burn even more calories and stay consistent in your routine, even while you’re on vacation.


Water Walking (Running)
Walking or running in water can be a great way to burn some extra calories on vacation. This is true whether you are walking in a pool or running through the shallow water on the beach. If you are newer to exercise, try walking laps in the pool or walking along the beach in ankle deep water for 15-20 minutes.

Treading Water

This exercise is saved for deep water. To tread water, you must be in water deeper than you can stand. Your body will be upright in the water. Start to frog kick your legs, while keeping your arms about chest level and move your arms back and forth just below the surface of the water.

Treading water is a great way to increase the intensity of your work and work great for doing intervals in the water. For an added challenge, instead of using frog kicks under water, try to flutter kick under the water and raise your arms out of the water entirely. This will really ramp up the intensity!

water aerobics exercises_2

Underwater Pulls

This is an upper body exercise. For this exercise, you want to stand in water about shoulder height. Keep your palms open, fingers close together. Squeeze your arms to the front of your body, keeping your elbows extended (like a chest fly exercise). Then turn your palms so they face behind you and pull your arms back. Then continue to alternate pulling your arms forward then back.

Wall Kicks

To complete wall kicks, grasp the edge of the pool with both hands while allowing your body to float toward the surface while you lay on your stomach. Begin to flutter kick your feet as fast as you can. Wall kicks are a great way to increase the intensity of your workout or use them for intervals!

The Workout

Here is a great water aerobics routine to keep you fit on vacation:

Walk in water x 5 minutes
Tread water x 1-2 minutes
Walk in water x 4 minutes
Underwater pulls x 1-2 minutes
Walk in water x 3 minutes
Wall kicks x 1-2 minutes
Run in water x 2 minutes
Repeat if time

I hope you can enjoy these water aerobics while on vacation! Even if you are not on vacation, feel free to use this routine to change up what you are currently doing! Have fun in the water and feel free to leave questions or comments below!

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