Hey folks! I trust you’ve all been training hard and working to be fitter as spring has passed and summer is set to begin! I’m back with to talk about something a little different. The idea of walking to maximize your training and how add versatility to your walking workout.

Walking is commonly not seen as anything special or even challenging in most cases. Can something most of us do everyday without even thinking really be an effective training tool? Structure it into your routine periodically to add to, compliment, or even modify different intensities and training methods.

A walk workout: walking to workout

• Walking is a mostly moderately intense form of exercise. If you’re someone who is at a moderate to advanced fitness level, it can be part of H.I.T training as an active recovery interval to gear up for the next high intensity phase.

Walking to work off your belly

• Walking can be used to add volume to your steady state cardio activities. If done quickly enough it allows you to keep your heart rate up and keep moving without too much muscle fatigue.

This is helpful for those either in beginner level shape, or who have a good base and want to improve endurance by creating some extra minutes to add to what they their current limit is at higher paces.

• For those who’ve just slightly begun to establish a base level of fitness, walking quickly can even be used as a high intensity interval!

• For those who are not in good shape at all and are very limited in terms of any type of stamina. In other words the beginners I mentioned a second ago, walking can even be the bulk of your exercise routine

You still likely will be able to walk quickly at least a few minutes consecutively. That duration alone can be all your body needs at the moment to feel challenged and improve!

Working walking into your routine

Walking has a versatility to it that allows it to fit within a lot of different training schemes! It’s just all about where you are with your particular fitness level and how the intensities and durations of walking can compliment you.

Just like any other training styles and ideas, it takes just a little thought and understanding what intensities your playing with. So get to it and try it out!

It can be as simple as a basic alternating jog/walk interval run routine, a 15 minute fast walk goal for a beginner, or burpee and power clean pyramids with active slow walk recovery phases for the super advanced! Try brisk walking as well.

As always it’s my pleasure to assist in your training! Be sure to comment on all my articles and share thoughts with all those you know!

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