Do you know what one of the biggest deal breakers is when it comes to working out? “It’s too hard”. People think the exercise itself will be too hard or they think it will be too hard to fit it into their schedules.

Both points of view are rubbish!

Fitness does not have to be hard to do and it doesn’t need to be hard to find the time.


In fact, it’s a walk in the park!

What is of utmost importance is settling into a groove that fits your liking. This is where a park can come to the rescue – more specifically, a walk in the park.

First let’s talk about why

Parks have walking trails, fields, ponds, birds signing, dogs dancing, the smell of fresh cut grass and the view of blue skies above. When you exercise out in these types of surroundings, it is often referred to as ecotherapy.

This would be similar to say, a dose of Prozac, but without the harmful side effects. You wouldn’t have to worry about headaches, a lowered sex drive, suicidal thoughts, vomiting, diarrhea, a sore throat or insomnia.

From purely a fitness standpoint, you are also in luck.

Walking is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health and burn a decent amount of calories. And all by not doing anything that is extremely difficult.

walking to lose weight_2And remember the walking trails I mentioned earlier?

Use them to your advantage. They are always well maintained and have a comfortable walking surface like small gravel or dirt. Although, for people like me who like to walk barefoot, the terrain is not so favorable.

Just wear comfortable shoes and you won’t go wrong.

A walk and a workout

Often times these trails come equipped with workout stations spaced every few hundred feet apart. A fun way to keep your walks interesting is to stop at each one and perform the recommended exercise. Look for a picture with detailed instructions and do them the best you can.

This way you can kill two birds with one stone and get some weight training with your cardio.

You also have the option of just doing your own thing at each station.

For example, if you see a platform with a pull-up bar above it, use them both to do elevated pushups, pullups, dips and step-ups. Once you finish, walk to the next station and do that exercise.

Keep going until you’ve done them all and repeat. If the trail forms a circle around the park, you can just simply walk around the entire thing three or four times and do all the exercises at the stations for a complete workout.

Feel free to push a stroller with your child in it at the park too

He or she will love the fresh air and scenery. You can also wear added resistance like a backpack or weighted vest. The increased load will tax your leg muscles with more emphasis, plus cause you to burn more calories.

All and all, walking in the park for fitness is a no brainer. Come prepared like you would for any sport activity and you won’t go wrong. If you should need any more motivation or advice, give me a shout any time.

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