Rattle shake… lift, throw, swing, tilt and step

ViPR is a great new piece of kit that enables freedom of movement – or to coin the current fitness/training buzz word multi-planar movement. ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning. The ViPR is a simple rubber tube, with various grips that comes in seven weights (4-20kg). ViPR can be carried, dragged, thrown, rolled, stepped on and flipped. It therefore offers a highly functional workout, using whole-body integrated training.

ViPR circuit

The following ViPR circuit has been specifically designed to strengthen and tone your whole body.

Lateral Tilt with Lateral Shuffle


*Use the grip shown

*Begin with the ViPR on its end in the centre

*Maintain an athletic stance throughout this exercise

ViPR exercices_lateral shuffle tilt


“ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning”

*Begin by shuffling to one side *Take the desired number of steps to one side as the ViPR begins to tilt

*Plant the outside leg, decelerate the tilt with the body and accelerate to the opposite side *Repeat side-to-side for the desired reps/time

Sagittal Shuffle with Tilt


*Use the grip shown.

*Begin with the ViPR on its end in the centre

*Maintain an athletic stance and use active footwork throughout this exercise

ViPR exercices_Sagittal Shuffle with Tilt


*Begin by shuffling forwards

*Plant with a firm contact of the forward foot on the ground

*Tilt the ViPR forwards as shown

* In a rhythmical manner, shuffle backwards until the ViPR is tilting back

*Hold into a squat

*Accelerate forwards and repeat the cycle for the desired time/reps

Anterior Step with ViPR Uppercut


*Keep tall

*Load through the hips

*Only choose a range of motion that can be controlled

ViPR exercices_anterior with u-cut


*Take a comfortable step forward and plant your left foot firmly on the ground

*In a rhythmical motion, perform the uppercut with your right hand (as shown)

*Step back to start position and repeat to the other side

Shovel Drill


*Hold using a ‘neutral shovel grip’ hold (as shown)

*Feet begin wider than shoulder-width and are active throughout the exercise

*Maintain an athletic stance throughout

ViPR exercices_shovelling drill


*The movement should mimic a shovelling pattern

*Begin by reaching with the levered end towards your trail leg at a low height

*From this ‘loaded’ position, rotate hips through and reach to a high finish position

*Ensure that your hips rotate and that your feet are active during the movement

Ice Skaters


*Begin with the ViPR in front of the hips

*Maintaining a flat back is critical during this exercise (to ensure that the hips are properly loaded)

*Maintain an athletic stance throughout

ViPR exercices_ice skaters


*Step sideways and plant right foot firmly on the ground with 3 points of contact (big and little toe, and heel)

*Reach across the body with your left hand at knee height

*Decelerate through your hips and push off to start position

*Transition to the other side by stepping with the opposite foot laterally


John Shepherd sees whether the ViPR has the bite

ViPR’s potential belies its utilitarian looks. After swinging it, skipping with it, running with it, carrying it, twisting turning, jumping, balancing, pivoting, in short doing virtually any movement with it, I came away thinking that ViPR is a great fitness and sports conditioning tool with numerous applications. Michol Dalcourt, its inventor impressed me with his understanding of physiology, but more importantly the practical implementation of this knowledge into his brain-child.

“I like to think of it as an amalgamation of so many other fitness training tools,” explained the Californian, by way of Canada, adding, “Think of a mixing pot where you throw in an Olympic bar, a kettlebell, a medicine ball, an Olympic bar and so on and out of that mix comes the ViPR.” I thought that this was a great way to describe ViPR, it may not have the sexy looks of some other items of kit, but it certainly has the bite to make it a winner in the workout kit jungle.

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