It’s that time of the year when all the lovebirds are planning a special dinner date, a secret holiday getaway or a classy gift to give one another. Valentine’s Day is round the corner and so are the preparations to woo your better half.  Why not do something special this year? Researches have proved that couples, who exercise together, really do stay together.

The presence of your closest bond next to you while sweating it out creates an additional impact and makes the workout more efficient. When you see the other person putting in as much efforts as you are, it also serves as a motivation. So this year,

Get closer with your partner in an unique way through AcroYoga

AcroYoga rightly blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics combined with sensuous healing powers of yogic massage. It also brings in a sense of trust and togetherness among all the lovely couples.

So get started already and bring out the naughtiness in you with these simple steps.

Starting positions:

1. Sukhasna

Firstly, place a clean yoga mat on the floor and sit in Sukhasanapose. This involves the couple’s back to be in contact while they face opposite directions. Take deep breaths and regulate your breathing patterns along with that of your significant other’s. This helps in connecting with your partner in a warm way.


2. Love Temple

After a relaxing breathing posture, stand up and face each other. Step your feet under hips, slowly inhale and extend your arms overhead and begin to hinge forward the hips until your hands meet that of your partner’s. Slowly begin to forward fold, brining elbows, forearms and hands so they rest against each other.

Rest equal weight against each other and bend the chest and belly towards the floor.

Hold your breath for five to seven breaths, after which walk towards each other bringing torso upright and release your arms down.

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3. Double Plank

In this, the male must take a base plank pose with hands shoulder-width apart, arms straight and vertical and core engaged.

While the females take top pose, facing base’s feet, placing hands on his ankles. Press down with straight arms, left the foot closest to base, and place ankle on his more distant shoulder. Point your toes and press into the top of that foot. Engage legs and core muscles. Place second foot on base’s near shoulder.

4. Buddy Forward Bend

From a seated position facing each other, extend your legs out to a wide V-shape, with knee caps facing straight up and soles of the feet touching. Extend arms towards each other, holding opposite palm to forearm. Inhale ad lengthen up through the spine.Exhale, as one person folds forward from the hips and your partner sits back, keeping the spine and arms straight. As you relax into the pose, allow yourself to soften into it. Stay in it  for five to seven breaths.

To come out of the pose, release each other’s arms and bring torso’s upright. Repeat in the opposite direction, bringing your buddy into a forward bend.

5. Love Mountain

For this, face each other and sit with knees folded in front. Extend your arms towards each other and hold wrists firmly. Now, raise the calves until they become perpendicular to the sky and parallel to the floor. Join soles with your respective partner. Now press on each other’s soles and straighten legs.

With these few basic AcroYoga steps, one will definitely enjoy the soft healing touches that create an enormous positive change in one’s body. Heaten things up this Valentines, because after all, a family that exercises together, stays together forever.

Edited by: Aishwarya Vijaykumar

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