Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and maybe you are already anticipating what romantic treats lie just around the corner. You can’t go wrong with the old favourites of candlelight dinner, flowers, chocolate, fine wine or fizz. But what about raising the heart rate and getting a bit sweaty? Yes, you know what we’re talking about….Working out together!

There’s no need to compromise on your gym time or your Valentine’s Day pleasures thanks to WatchFit’s fun, cheeky and up close workout for couples. The Sexercise for Valentine’s Day Plan is a truly effective results based programme compiled by top international experts. Not only will you and your partner have a fun time and time again but you will physically benefit too!

And what better way to burn a few calories and exercise those muscles before or after that special dinner?


Sexercise For Valentine’s Day is likely to bring you closer to your partner in whole new ways. You will be pushing, pulling, lifting and anchoring each other, making allowances for different size, weight and strength levels to become a single fat burning, muscle toning unit. Teamwork is key to the exercises and we know you’ll have a few laughs too!

To start with you might not get all the moves right and end up like this picture…

Valentine´s Day quotes_02

but some of the fun is in the learning. And the more you practice the better you’ll be and the fitter you’ll both get! And do not undervalue the benefit of laughter

Research has shown that laughter has physical, mental and social benefits including triggering the release of endorphins, relaxing your whole body, strengthening relationships and increasing attraction to others [1].

Want a slice of this action? Simply download our Sexercise Valentine’s Day Workout and you will be assured a February 14th to remember and an exercise plan you will continue to enjoy and benefit from!

If you are having trouble convincing your partner that this is an ideal Valentine’s Day activity…

Here are 8 Valentine’s day quotes to inspire your other half:

1. “Violets are blue and peanut butter is heaven, i’ll save you a Kiss.. after rep number seven” [2]

2. “Couples that workout together stay together” [3]

3. “Lift together, stay together” [4]

4. “Fit couples be like…do we really need clothes?” [5]

5. “Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. Wana workout?” [6] 

6. “Couples that workout together stay hot together”  [7]

7.  “Couples that work out together are happy together” [8]

And to all the girls…

8. “Every superwoman deserves a superman” [9]

What better way to get closer to your partner this Valentine’s Day than with the Sexercise Valentine’s Day Plan and these inspirational and romantic valentines day quotes. What are you waiting for? Get downloading now!


[1] Laughter is the best medicine by M Smith and J Segal (2014).

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