“Will you be my Valentine?” – That’s the question most of us hope to hear on February 14th. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making this a special Valentines Day but cannot decide what to do. But worry no longer! At WatchFit we have thought about it for you! Here we will lay out the Top 10 ideas for this Valentine’s Day 2015 all with a fit and healthy twist. What could be better?

You will be discovering during this article the best 10 ideas of what to do with your sweetheart this Valentine’s day in the most healthy and fit way! Are you ready for some awesome ideas to impress your other half? Here we go!

10 Valentines day ideas:

(1) Dinner is always the centrepiece event on this day. Buy some candles, a bottle of good wine or champagne and prepare the best healthy valentine’s dinner he or she has ever experienced.  No idea what to cook? Don’t panic! Here at WatchFit we give you the best dinner recipes for total gastronomic enjoyment and the perfect aperitif for the night ahead! 

(2) How about something that might be relaxing and exhausting at the same time? Maybe one of you has been reluctant to try yoga? Often this is the male in the partnership.

The 14th is the day then when all that could change. Join your other half in a yoga session and show her/him these Yoga exercises from WatchFit It is full of different Yoga positions to do as a couple. You won’t regret it, trust us!

(3)  Watchfit Valentine’s Day Sexercise Plan. Here we go friends! What better way to spend your Valentine’s day than with your sweetie doing some exercise? Never tried working out in tandem? Don’t worry, WatchFit is launching the best plan for couples to do on Valentine’s day – ‘Sexercise for Valentine’s Day’.

This amazing exercise plan will bring you and your partner closer like never before. It will raise the heart rate, work the body’s muscles from top to bottom and we suspect this might be the most fun you’ve ever had working out! And what’s more – it works! These exercises have been compiled by leading international trainers.

Download this plan directly from our website or from our amazing app!

Valentines Day Ideas_02

(4)  Time to get active. But no, not like that! Think bigger. Don’t just go running or to the gym, do something special. Prepare your partner a treasure hunt! Treasure Hunting! Make a map for him/her and hide different clues around your neighborhood, making the finish line your bedroom. Sounds worth completing don’t you think?

(5) Time for a little music? You’ve got it. Take him/her to that concert he/she’s been going on about. Singing, jumping, screaming… because music has the power to change the world, or at least to get the heart pumping and the positive emotions flowing. Here we leave you some curious things about how music affects your system in the most uplifting way.

(6) I like to call this one ‘The Stay’. You just stay at home instead of going out. Prepare those movies you’ve been dying to watch, or open up that boxset both of you have been looking forward to.  Grab your partner, a blanket and just enjoy the moment.

But remember to keep it healthy! Here are some smoothies recipes that WatchFit wants to share with you. So yummy and healthy! What else can you ask for? Chocolate maybe? Okay we can do that! But only dark chocolate! Check this incredible article about the 14 reasons why dark chocolate is beneficial for health.

(7) Romantic getaway. Somewhere near the beach or a mountain. You can go hiking and breathe the fresh air or go running along the beach, feeling the salty air on your face and listening to the crashing of the waves, while you enjoy your partner’s company. What can be better? Maybe the shower to get the sand off both of you!

(8) A massage. Treat yourselves or do it yourself. There’s no better way to get in touch with your partner than through massage. Buy some aromatic candles, good oil and massage him/her that way you know he/she loves it.. Say goodbye to the stress on Valentine’s Day!

(9) Be homebodies. This is a bit different from ‘The Stay’. This valentines day idea requires a little bit more effort. What do you think about dipping into your childhood and preparing a camp indoors?

Awesome right? Build your own fort in your bedroom, decorate it with lights, pillows, blankets and have a picnic. Then enjoy a night of wonderful passion because what’s better than having healthy and beneficial sex with your sweetheart? Just check here the amazing benefits that sex has throughout your body!

(10) Have you ever thought about recreating a romantic scene from that movie he/she loves? Now is your chance! The paintball scene in 10 Things I Hate About You is very unusual, crazy, funny and healthy! And of course, then you can take care of your baby when you get home, cuddling him/her a lot and giving the best displays of affection to make him/her feel better and loved.

We hope this helps you with ideas to make Valentine’s Day 2015 one to remember! Remember to keep it calm, fit and healthy and on top of everything… do it with L-O-V-E. Because that’s what Valentine’s day is all about!

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