Yesterday in Part One of the article we got a little technical; I spoke about muscle types and about how our muscles grow.

In this part of the article I’ll teach you how to put this knowledge to good use in the gym and how to use weights properly to gain muscle and get the best ‘gainz’ you possibly can.

Putting it together in the gym

One of the ways I have found to increase mass or ‘bulk up’ is to train each muscle type the best way it knows how to respond to the weights.

This is to use a mixture of low and high reps within the same set.

You can keep heavy low rep lifting days in you program, but they shouldn’t be all you do for mass. Seasoned and experienced athletes will know about this, hence why they adopt multi weight methods such as pyramid, drop sets and superset lifting routines.

A basic but effective lifting routine is the 50/50

This is when you have two rep ranges and two weights measures in the same set. This manipulates the alternation in stimulation between the White fibre (fast twitch) and Red fibre (slow/fast twitch) in the same exercise set. It’s simple and effective for all fitness levels and isn’t as complex as the other multi weight routines.

White fibre or Fast twitch muscle uses glycogen for energy and burns up quickly.

Red fibre or Slow twitch muscle uses more oxygenated blood giving the ability to endure longer reps.

The thing to remember is, white and red muscles don’t work in alternation. They work simultaneously and activate according to the need of strength.

how to use weights properly to gain muscle_2So for example a 50/50 set on the leg press would go like this:

– 8 reps of a weight that would be around 75 to 80 percent of your 1 rep max

– Immediately followed by 16 reps of half of the weight you did for 8 reps

The 8 heavy reps work the white fibres primarily. The 16 reps would cater more to the red fibres. What this will ensure is that each type of muscle gets challenged and stimulated in terms of its type and function in the same exercise set.

Try this routine on its own, or with other varied lifting patterns.

It’s not just lifting a lot, but lifting a lot for longer that stimulates muscle growth. You can perform this routine on all the muscle groups.

You can use machines or free weights

It’s not just for the guys. Ladies if you want a little extra clean muscle you can do this too. I would advise caution with the deadlift or lower back isolation moves for this type of routine.

Multi weight methods must have smart ranges to be effective. With 50/50 my suggestion is heavy reps should be between 6 & 8 and your endurance reps between 12 &16.

This is a vast topic, and this a big window into the world of multiple weight routines.

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