Spring is in the air and we all know what that means…bathing suits and weddings!

Once the temperatures start to rise and the winter clothes are put away our minds wander to sandy beaches, tropical locales, and fairy tale weddings.

Winter pounds panic

Just as we start to think about that dream wedding gown the panic sets in and our focus shifts to what we can do to shed the winter pounds that weren’t quite so noticeable under that heavy sweater and make an unforgettable appearance.

No need to worry ladies, all it takes is a little determination, dedication, and focus, along with the right training plan, to rock your wedding gown and feel confident showing a little arm.

Think strapless

Wedding gowns often show a great deal of upper body skin – think strapless – so our focus is going to be on toning the shoulders, arms, chest and back.

But in order to see those muscles we have to reduce the amount of body fat covering them so we have to do a little fat burning as well as toning.

In order to get the greatest calorie burn in the least amount of time, this workout combines cardio intervals with upper body strengthening exercises. It’s time to get down to business and do a little work, so let’s get started.


In order to keep your heart rate up to torch calories this workout consists of supersets followed by short bursts of cardio where supersets are two exercises performed back to back without rest.

When choosing your weights for this program make sure that you are able to maintain correct form throughout but experience muscle fatigue by the final 2-3 repetitions of each set. You want to feel challenged but do not want to lift too much and hurt yourself.

Warm up

A good warm up is important prior to any workout so make sure you spend 5-10 minutes warming up your body with light cardio and dynamic stretching drills.

Once your body is primed and ready it’s time to work!

For each superset you are to perform 10-12 repetitions of each exercise back to back without rest. Rest 30-60 seconds after each set and complete 3 sets of each superset.

upper body wedding workout_2Ready, set, go!

Superset One: Hammer curl and overhead press

Cardio Burst: 60 seconds high knees

Superset Two: Bent over dumbbell row and triceps kickback

Cardio Burst: 60 seconds jumping jacks

Superset Three: Barbell head bangers and close grip barbell chest press

Cardio Burst: 60 seconds butt kicks

Superset Four: Push-ups and dumbbell bent over reverse fly

Cardio Burst: 60 seconds speed skaters

Superset Five: Front raise and supinating curls

Cardio Burst: 60 seconds mountain climbers

Superset Six: Overhead triceps extension and lateral raise

Cardio Burst: 60 seconds burpees

Cool down

Once you have completed the workout end with a 5-10 minute cool down and follow that with static stretching and/or use of a foam roller.

To get the most out of this workout you should feel as if you could not complete another set or cardio burst once you have finished.

I’m always listening so if you need help, have questions or are looking for a personal trainer you can find me on my Expert Profile page.

Happy, healthy living my friends!

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