To have a great workout you have to be motivated and driven to push yourself.  In order to do this, you need to be in the right mindset and block out distractions.  Music is a great tool to help with this!  Having the right workout playlist, filled with motivational, upbeat songs, can be the perfect external driving force.

From the first moment you begin to warm-up, all the way through until the end, the right songs can keep you zoned in, avoid distractions, set the tone and pace, and help you to dig deep to push through to the finish.  For myself, whether it’s a workout focused around hypertrophy or max strength, I always have the right balance of songs added to my playlist that will help me to get psyched for a heavy lift or to push through a long, hard set.

Here are some of my favorites, check them out and spruce up your playlist.


1 – Disturbed – Indestructible
2 – Trapt – Bring It
3 – Saliva – Rise Up
4 – Skillet – Monster
5 – Eve to Adam – Immortal
6 – Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up
7 – All That Remains – Focus Shall Not Fail
8 – Disturbed – Warrior
9 – Adelitas Way – Invincible
10 – Shadows Fall – Still I rise
11 – Dope – Motivation
12 – Ozzy Osbourne – I don’t want to stop
13 – Seether – Out Of My Way
14 – POD – Boom
15 – Papa Roach – Still Swingin’

Eve to Adam – Immortal

Skillet – Monster

Trapt – Bring It

Disturbed – Indestructible

Saliva – Rise Up

Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up

All That Remains – Focus Shall Not Fail

Disturbed – Warrior

Adelitas Way – Invincible

Shadows Fall – Still I rise

Dope – Motivation

Ozzy Osbourne – I don’t want to stop

Seether – Out Of My Way

POD – Boom

Papa Roach – Still Swingin’


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