The ultimate 4 week fat burning workout plan… secrets to the ultimate success in burning fat and keeping it off.

First off, it is no secret that for good health and lifestyle, that your life should be packed with a wide variety of food choices and regular exercise. The following is a guide. You should always check with your general practitioner and healthcare provider, including coaches and trainers, to know what may be the best course of action and options for you.

There is always some science behind diet and exercise, this is just one variation that I found works well with most. It consists of a  5 day program, as well as a nutritional regime. In a nut shell, output should always be greater then input on the system. To maintain it, there should be a balance of both exercise and nutrition. Knowing this, the program is not made for special cases like those with diabetes or on medication.


Diet should be consistent and I do not recommend any short term “diet.”  It should reflect your lifestyle for optimum success. Starting the following can help kick start your new lifestyle to a healthier system: mind, body, and soul. Enjoy and hope you all love this program as much as my cliets. Show off your results, if you don’t mind. I would love to see…find me on Facebook Deme ProFigure.

4-week fat burning workout (article2)2

Cardio Option– run outside, bike, any machine you may have…body weight exercises  include a variety of skipping, burpies, jumping jacks, squat jumps, high knees, butt kicks, or anything else functional.

Cardio – 10 min, increasing by 5-10 min a week. There should be two session done of cardio every day. You may decide to take the weekend off, depending on results. You can run  in either the morning, or in the evening. I prefer before morning because I can continue with my day. However, running before bed and after dinner has the fat burning effect while you sleep.

Three day weight workout

Day 1-2-3 can be alternated. This is a full body workout so it really doesn’t matter as long as you get the volume in. This will help build lean muscle while also  burning fat. Warm ups should be easy; 2-3 min to ensure your body is warm before you start. Everything should be done to muscle failure, so rep range should be 10-20. Use appropriate weight to complete the reps and there should be 3-4 sets of the circuit done.

Day 1- Focus: quads, abs, shoulders, biceps, and glutes.

BB High Step Up (one side at a time)
Shoulder push-ups
Back Extension
Smith Machine Sumo Squats
Bicep curl and press
Leg extension
Knee tuck (hanging or machine)

Day 2- Focus: back, triceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

Dead lifts bb
Lat pull dows
Rope pull downs
Lunges with db
Skull crushers
Bent over row
Dips (assisted or not)

Day 3- Focus: abs, chest, and glutes.

Chest press bb
V-sit ups
Push up
Lateral dynamic lunges (wth or without weight)
Squat jumps
Russian twists
Jumping jacks (60)

(Ensure you up your weights throughout the 4 weeks to ensure variety.)

4-week fat burning workout (article2)3


You will eat three large meals and two small ones in between. Make sure you finish all your food, do not save it and go back to it. There should be a difference between a snack and a meal. Keep your portions and try to eat a variety with in… the below is a general guide to what your meals should look like, you should be eating every 3 hours.

Remember these basic rules…

Carbs – fruit veggies and grains. Choosing your carbs ensures good quality energy and helps with building and burning. Try to eliminate glutenous type carbs and use more whole grains for starch. We will keep all the starches and fruit in the a.m only. Anything after 12 p.m with be only veggies and more greens for fiber.

Protein- meat and fish. Eliminate pork and milk type products like cheese. Stick to 4-6 oz of lean meat. This choice will ensure the fundamental building blocks for muscle building and fat burning catalyst.

Fats- all oils and nut products. Only use two tablespoons of oil. Even for snack,  you must keep your portions while eating nut products.

Water – very important and must be consumed to about 2 litters a day. This will help with elimination and circulation.

Breakfast meal (Post cardio or 30 min upon wake)

Your breakfast should include a carb, a fat, and a protein (see attached pic for approximate portions)

Ex. One egg with ¼ cup egg whites omelet with 3-4 flowretts broccoli.
1 tbs coconut butter
½ grapefruit

Snack – a.m anything like the examples below (only one)

Med. apple
½ grapefruit
1pint berries
1-2 oz nuts ect.


Here is where you can have some really great choices and it will be your last starchy carb for the day.

I like…

A large spinach salad with chicken or beef
Sprinkles with dried fruit and nuts
Two tbls quinoa in my salad
Olive oil and vinegar

Also, I sometimes like to have a steak with mixed greans and half a baked potato (small).


Any protein
Greens (celery and seaweed)
Home made kale chips

Dinner (Must be consumed 2 hrs before bed)

Here is were people tend to fail, but it is your last meal before cardio again: ex. large green salad with veggies and tuna 1-2 tbsp dressing

After the 4 weeks, you can include some of your regular foods; but keeping this format will help with maintaining and keeping the fat burning cycle going.

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