In Part 1 yesterday, multiple fitness champion and internationally renown expert Joey Bull explained why truly effective training can be broken into cycles and you don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit from this process.

Here she provides an actual workout you can adopt and benefit from…

Training in cycles

As an outline for a tried and tested 10 week programme to shaping up, stripping fat and taking your fitness up a few levels, you can follow this programme. 


– Body condition with resistance training: High reps of all muscle parts.

– Approximately 25-30 reps of each exercise x two sets, 3 x per week.

– Pick exercises which are compound movements, meaning ones that move many muscles at the same time:

– Chest press, squats, leg curls, shoulder press, pull downs and rows, tricep dips, rotations (wood chops or driving punches) Start with the muscle group you wish to improve the most.

– ADD: Some good functional back.

Try these:

– Squat and reach forward touching the floor. Return to start position and repeat 4 x each side.

Joey Bull - Floor Touch 3— Squat – – and touch the floor to the side, 6 each side.

Joey Bull - Floor Touch 1– Squat and touch the floor behind the foot, 6 each side

Joey Bull - Floor Touch 2– These replicate daily moves nicely and will get the back working in all directions as it is designed to.

Cardio – CV1

Easy, sweaty, low level workouts for now, no need to huff and puff just yet! As for duration – depending on your time slots, 20 to 30 minutes will be worthwhile. 3 x per week

Weeks 2-6

Body conditioning:

It is time to up the weights and train heavier. Don’t worry about bulking up, it is the change of load and stimulation to the muscle fibres that counts now.

– 10 to 12 reps of each exercise. Two sets will be sufficient if you chose the weight well and feel fatigue by the last couple of reps.

– Start adding in moves for detail i.e Shoulder side raises, rear shoulder raises, biceps and leg extensions.

Shoulder side raisesJoey Bull - Shoulder Side Raise 1

Joey Bull - Shoulder Side Raise 2Rear shoulder raises

Joey Bull - Shoulders Back 1 Joey Bull - Shoulder Back 2Cardio during this time it needs to be broken up into two sections.

Weeks 2-4


2 x CV1 (the low level workout as before)


CV2. An additional workout which is slightly more demanding.

For instance if the easy and sweaty workout had your heart around 130 beats per minute, make the additional workout reach 150 for the last 10-15 minutes, so spend 50% of the workout’s duration at this higher level. Talking should still be fine at this level, if a little breathy. Remember every person’s heart rate varies so go by feel here.

– Week 3: 3 cardio workouts of CV1 + CV2 + CV1

– Week 4: 3 cardio workouts of CV2 + CV1 + CV2

– Weeks 5 to 7 (Cardio continued)

– 1x CV1

– 1x CV2

– 1x CV3: Similar to CV2, reach the aerobic training area and after 5 minutes or so, push the heart up 15 beats say from 150-165. As soon as it touches 165 return back down to 150. What maybe 150 to some in intensity could be 165 to others so go by feel again, you are looking to be short of breath but not all out of it.

Weeks 6-10 Body Conditioning

Lighten the weights a little now and vary the moves, i.e:

– Single leg moves, lunges, single leg squats, curtsies, different angles and width squats

– Add details to glute work: Donkey kicks, glute press and single leg deadlifts

– Play with angles on the upper body: high and low chest presses, narrow and wide pull downs, change the wrist action for bicep curls, tricep kick backs and shoulders.

Cardio 6-10 weeks

Take a deep breath and get into sprint mode. Per week try:

– CV2 x 1

– CV 3 x 1

– CV 4 x 1: Over 10 minutes build up the heart rate to CV3’s level. Pick up speed and power and add another 5-10 % of heart rate to that. So if that was 165, push on up to 175. Then drop back down to below where you started the sprint (say 158).

As you hit the lower figure, start over again and push back up to 175. Repeat this 4 times

– Rest for 2 minutes

– Repeat 4 more times.

This will be your high end training and requires a good effort.

The best thing about this is that fitness improves rapidly and although you will feel pushed at the time, the recovery is fast, far less draining on the immune system and keeps the metabolism higher for much longer than endurance workouts.

It is important after an intense phase as these past weeks 6-10 to slow down or take time off.

You’ll be at peak fitness and your next move should be to quieten down before cycling it all over again. Of course you could expand it all to 12 or 14 weeks.

If you’re an early riser you’ll be pleased to hear that there is much evidence to show that working out before breakfast is really effective for fat loss. It might not be your very best performance and output but what are your priorities?

Good luck and let me know how you get on!

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