We all know that High Intensity Interval Training (better known as ‘HIIT’) is a great, time-effective method to burn fat, to boost your metabolic rate and, as a result, to lose weight. As a refresher, HIIT incorporates short bursts of a high-intensity exercise, immediately followed by a shorter burst of a low-to-moderate-intensity exercise, usually performed at a 2:1 ratio.

So, for example, you might perform 30 seconds of jumping jacks (high intensity) immediately followed by 15 seconds of toe touches (low-to-moderate intensity). You can check out my article explaining HIIT in further detail, as well as a sample workout, here.

A common problem that a lot of people have with HIIT workouts is that they often entail the performance of high-impact exercises. Due to the influx of technology in modern Western culture, we lead a primarily sedentary lifestyle. As a result, more people than ever are suffering from nagging injuries and movement restrictions.


Due to this, many people aren’t comfortable or capable of performing exercises like squat jumps or burpees. The good news: Low Impact HIIT workouts can be equally as effective as High Impact HIIT workouts for individuals struggling with flexibility and range of motion.

Now, I could provide you with a Low Impact HIIT workout that consists of simply using an Elliptical Machine and/or Stationary Bike, but many of you may want something fast you can perform in your home, in your office or at your local park. All you need for this Low Impact HIIT workout is a chair and a set of stairs, and you’re all set.

Before I get into what the workout entails, I want to give you five good reasons why you should try out this Low Impact HIIT workout:

1. Low Impact HIIT workouts help to promote weight loss. As mentioned above, HIIT workouts are scientifically proven to help participants to burn fat, to boost their metabolic rate(s) and to lose weight.

2. Low Impact HIIT workouts get a lot done in a short period of time. This is perfect for the busy professional, parent or student.

3. Low Impact HIIT workouts can be done anywhere. Like I mentioned earlier, you can perform a Low Impact HIIT Workout at the gym, at home or at your local park.

4. Low Impact HIIT workouts are very variable. What this means is that you’re not limited to a small sample of exercises, timed segments, locations or equipment. Your options for workout design are virtually limitless!

5. Low Impact HIIT workouts are good for individuals of every fitness level. Whether you’re just getting back into it, are new to exercise or are looking to just change things up workout-wise, a Low Impact HIIT Workout may be just what the doctor ordered.

Below you’ll find my recommended Low Impact HIIT workout. To successfully perform this Low Impact HIIT routine, begin by performing the 30-second exercise, immediately followed by the 15-second exercise.

low impact hiit_2

Perform each pair of exercises three times before moving on to the next pair of exercises. While the below Low Impact HIIT Routine shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes, it will certainly help you to work up a sweat and get the job done.

30-Second Exercise

15-Second Exercise

Alternating Chair Step-Ups

Toe Touches

Stair Climbs

Trunk Rotations

Alternating Marching Steps

Alternating Butt Kicks

Alternating Jabs

Standing Wipers

Below you’ll find descriptions of how to properly perform the above exercises:

– Alternating chair step-ups: Using a sturdy chair, step up with one leg, and balance on top with your other leg in the air. Return to the ground, and perform with the other side. Continue alternating until the 30 seconds is up.

– Toe touches: Standing up straight, bend your knees slightly, bend over and touch your toes. Do your best while keeping your chest up, squeezing your shoulder blades together and looking straight ahead. Stand back up and perform for reps.

– Stair climbs: Walk up a set of stairs, either in your home, office building, gym or local park. Continue up and down this flight of stairs until the 30 seconds is up.

– Trunk rotations: Standing up straight, twist your torso as far as you can to the left, then back to the right. Continue back and forth until your 15 seconds are up.

– Alternating marching steps: Bringing your knees as high above your waist as possible, march in place as a soldier would, continuing to do so for 30 seconds.

– Alternating butt kicks: While standing up tall, bend at the knee to bring your heel towards your backside. Touch your rear (or come as close as you can), and then do so on the other side. Perform for 15 seconds.

– Alternating jabs: Standing up straight, extend an arm as if jabbing at an opponent in a boxing match. Do so on the other side, and continue to alternate at a rapid rate. Perform for 30 seconds.

– Standing wipers: Standing up with your hands against a wall, swing a leg straight back and forth like a pendulum, focusing on opening up your hip. Perform on the other side, as well, continuing to alternate for 15 seconds.

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