With the Ski Season on us TRX ® Master Trainer Matt Gleed, shares some key TRX exercises to get you ready for the slopes. There are many advantages of having a TRX Suspension Trainer as part of your training arsenal, including the need for minimal equipment, which makes it an inexpensive and versatile way to train effectively.

Get fit for the slopes with TRX

Matt says that, “There’s a big emphasis on form and technique throughout this workout to ensure skiers are ready for the impact forces placed upon their joints as they begin to build their cardio and leg strength, helping them transition from the training floor to the slopes.”


The Workout

1 TRX Front Squat

Exercise Description: Stand facing away from the anchor point, lengthen and place straps under your arms, bring the handles to both sides of your chest and position your body weight with a 45-degree angle. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Drop down into a squat and drive up through the balls of your feet.

Exercise Benefits: A great exercise for strengthening the leg muscles used in skiing while replicating the action used while taking your hips, knees and ankles through movement.

– Reps: 15-20 reps or 30 seconds
– Rest: 10 seconds
– Reps: repeated 2-3 times

2 TRX Side Plank

Exercise Description: Lie sideways to the anchor point, place both feet in the foot cradles which will be at the middle of your calf and with the top leg forward, align your top shoulder over your lower elbow and lift your hips up with a head to toe alignment.

Exercise Benefits: The TRX Side Plank will allow you to strengthen your core assisting with turns, twists and the endurance of the slops. This exercise will specifically challenge your oblique muscles and help you challenge your whole body.

– Reps: 10 second up
– Rest: 3 seconds down
– Reps: repeated 3-5 times each side

TRX exercises_2

3 TRX Squat Jump

Exercise Description: Stand facing the anchor point. Holding your handles at midstrap length keep your elbows under your shoulders and palms facing each other and lower down to the floor and then drive up through the feet.

Exercise Benefits: TRX squat jumps are a great way to condition your body ready for the intensity of skiing. This exercise will add strength to your body so you can maximise your skiing time without fatigue.

4 TRX Lunge

Exercise Description: Stand facing away from the anchor point with one foot in the cradle at mid-calf height under the anchor point. Drop down into a lunge while reaching back with the suspended leg. The front knee will lower to 90-degrees before driving through the floor to extend up.

Exercise Benefits: TRX lunges will challenge your balance and gain some often needed control while skiing. Challenging your core strength and leg power is a great way to condition yourself for a testing ski trip.

– Reps: 15-20 reps
– Rest: 10 seconds
– Reps: 2-3 times each leg

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