It’s a suspension system that enables you to support and stabilise your body whilst performing a multitude of exercises that integrate your whole body. You can TRX train virtually anywhere – at home, in the gym or even at the park.

Plus it’s so lightweight and portable, it can be carried while out running and then used for a strength circuit en route or can be easily packed and taken when away on holiday or business.

The TRX stands for total body resistance exercise, and it’s one of the most versatile and portable piece of equipment on the market at the moment. TRX  uses body weight and gravity to create resistance, difficulty levels are adjusted by changing position and angle. This not only allows the exerciser to determine how easy or hard the work out is, but also makes it suitable for all ages and abilities.


TRX training delivers seven physiological responses for individuals of all fitness levels: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, joint stability & joint mobility, flexibility, power and core stability. TRX training enables the exerciser to also work across multiple planes of movement.

The System is proving very popular with fitness enthusiasts, sports trainers and rehab specialists, such is its versatility. And celebrities, such as Jenifer Lopez have also added their weight to the system (literally!)

Development of the TRX suspension training

The TRX Suspension Training was originally developed by Randy Hetrick a former US Navy Seals and was subsequently launched as a tool for personal and athletic trainers. Hetrick designed is as a go anywhere, do virtually everything fitness wise piece of kit. It consists of nylon-webbed straps, handles and anchors and can be a ttached to any secure weight-bearing base.

It can be adjusted from 1.8m to 3.6m in length, making it suitable for exercisers of different heights and weight. TRX Suspension Training started to emerge on the fitness scene in America in 2005, but only came fully into the UK market in early 2009. In recent years there has been a shift away from traditional gym and machine based training toward outdoor/boot camp type activities, which involve more natural movement and this is ideally suited to the TRX.

TRX training tips

Getting started: ease into suspension training with 5 to 6 exercises that are suitable to your fitness level. Do a single set of each, 10 to 12 repetitions. Start with a less advanced resistance or body position and ensure that your form is perfect. A long rest between exercises should also be taken. Once you feel comfortable with the movements you can progress a number of ways. Try to slowly introduce more challenging resistances, increase the number of exercises, sets and reps and decrease the rest between each exercise and sets.

TRX spec

– Weighs only 1.79 lbs in it’s portable carry bag so it fits easily into any backpack or suitcase when travelling, or taking to the park for a great workout.

– Various fixing mechanisms are available to fix the TRX to almost any sturdy support object safely.

– Over 300 upper, lower and all body exercises can be performed.

– The heavy-gauge bonded nylon thread used in its construction has a a=rated tensile strength of 560kg.

TRX can accommodate users of all sizes.

Enter the ab matrix with the TRX and flatten your stomach

Over the last 15 years he most common question I get asked as a high performance coach, is what are the best exercises to flatten my stomach?

I’m going to assume that you all have excellent nutrition (!) and I’m going to cut to the chase and show you my favourite Ab matrix using the TRX.

The TRX Ab Matrix workout is based on metabolic conditioning. Metabolic workouts are of a very high intensity and last only for a short periods of time. They are designed to elevate heart rate, will develop local muscular power and endurance. This all means that the workout will be tough, but it’ll be over quickly and the pay off is massive.

A metabolic workout can increase your body’s metabolism for up to 6-8 hours after your workout. They are designed so that you couldn’t keep up the intensity of the session for a whole hour, for example, but you could cope with 15-20 minutes. Basically, your body’s engine will remain revved up long after you pack the TRX away.

You could burn hundreds of calories more in the post workout period as all the energy systems and bodily processes that were ignited by your workout return to base levels. So lets examine this Metabolic Ab Matrix – if you need to you can tweak it by adjusting the time per station or the number of exercises until you can build up to the full matrix.

The workout should take around 6 -7 minutes to complete. To really crank up the heat, try doing it three times.

Protocol: 45sec work period, 20sec rest period and set up for next position.

TRX exercises_2

TRX torso rotations

Targets: internal and external obliques (muscles that contribute to torso rotation).

With your arms straight rotate your body around your spine as an axis point, using your core to pull you around. Adjust your body angle to make it harder or easier.

TRX hip drop

Targets: obliques and improves hip mobility.

Start with hands on head, elbows retracted, and drop your hips away from the TRX. Keep chest and hips facing the same direction to keep from twisting out of alignment.

TRX resisted sit up

Targets: rectus abdominus (large abdominal muscle).

Start in an upright position and slowly lower yourself to the floor with your hands in the foot cradles pushing down firmly with your hands to activate your core musculature.

TRX suspended oblique crunch

Targets: obliques and entire core.

Start with your feet suspended and bring your knees up under each shoulder.

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