“If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.”

Now I can’t remember who said it, but I think they should have this signed down at my local gym. If your motivation is beginning to fade, and your workout is becoming stagnant, chances are that it won’t be too long before you fall of that wagon.

It’s only natural to find ourselves stuck in a rut now and again, but don’t let that put you off your training. Get back on that wagon, and rein it in. There are some pretty fun and exciting classes, muscling their way into a gym near you, and even some effective outdoor adventures to be had at your local park. What are they? Great question. Let’s check them out.


Trendy New Exercises to NEVER feel bored with your workout

High Intensity Interval Training Classes (HIIT)

This type of training marries bursts of short intense anaerobic exercise, followed by less intense recovery periods. They are challenging and not for the faint hearted (intermediate to advanced fitness levels).

So why would you want to do them?

Because benefits include cardiovascular conditioning, increased glucose metabolism and improved fat burning all in a single class – pretty cool right? And not only that, because of the high intensity, workouts typically last from between 4 – 30 minutes, so no need for long tedious sessions.  When added to your regular training program correctly, you’ll see great changes in your body over  a shorter period of time. If you have ever heard of the Tabata Protocol, which is another variation, then you’ll know all too well about High Intensity Interval Training.

How Do You Do It?

There are various ways to combine  the short intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. The Tabata protocol uses 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds rest after a thorough warm up. This would then be completed 8 times for a total of four minutes. Sounds too short right? Believe me if you are doing it right 4 minutes is all you will be physically capable of.  Other variations include 1 minute of intense exercise to 1 minutes rest, typically with anything form 5 – 10 stations. The possibilities are almost endless.

Commercial gyms have finally caught on to its effectiveness, with classes such as  Tabata ™ being rolled out across Fitness First gyms, and Met Con3,  co-created by Will Amason, gaining traction in Equinox Gyms. Not a member but want to try out this style of training? No problem, many Kettlebell classes are based on HIIT training principles, CJS Kettlebells in the UK  or The International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF) are great places to start your search. 

Woman at the gym - trendy new fitness

Letting The Caveman Out

With the rise of the Paleo diet, emerged an unconventional type of training! Ditch the drudgery of stationary treadmills, bikes that actually take you nowhere,  then get in touch with your inner caveman and back to nature.  Typically these type of classes involve bodyweight exercises, targeted to give you a complete body workout, while incorporating play and primal movements.  Giving you greater mobility, flexibility and structural strength, all in the name of fun fitness.

The Fitness Explorer, Darryl Edwards explains,

“A primal lifestyle has made me fitter and healthier in my forties than ever before. Primal play has you workout as nature intended. We recapture the enjoyment of movement we had as children.”

He runs classes in London and workshops in the USA.  Darryl is not alone,  emerging from the primordial fitness wave is Movnat, created by Erwan Le Corre., Movnat is about natural movement fitness.

“We don’t isolate muscles. We don’t obsess over burnt calories. We train our whole bodies in an integrated, practical way. Our practice is about movement. It’s about life.”

So if you are bored of a dogmatic approach to fitness and want to ramp up the fun element to your training why not give this a go? Classes are available internationally and you can contact Movnat directly to locate an instructor near you. 

Deluxe De-stressing

So life has got you stressed. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and  while your calm exterior thinly disguises the Mount Vesuvius awaiting to erupt from within. Your inner peace has flown the coup, and you’re hanging off the roof with one hand losing your grip. It’s time to centre yourself, and get back in touch with your sense of calm and stability.

Now you may already be doing yoga, pilates or meditation, but why not upgrade to Candle Flow Yoga? But what’s it all about?  I asked Yoga guru, Claire Hawkins of Yoga Radiance to shed some light.

yoga at the gym - trendy fitness

“Yoga by candlelight is an incredibly restorative experience. The poses I tend to use are all ‘lunar’ in quality, so quieter, more introspective, which I combine with more flowing and rhythmic poses. This gives a perfect combination of the physical connection balanced with the emotional and spiritual side of things.

 These kind of poses are set to soft music and flickering candles, which can really help people to let go and relax. Candles are also used in forms of meditation as they can really help to focus the mind and find your centre and clarity.”

The combination of flowing movements and candlelight literally sets the mood and tone, making it difficult to feel anxious or stressed in the presence of a softer, more introspective mood and light.  Now you may shy away form words such as sensual or peaceful, but Candle Flow Yoga can provide a space for you to soften and let go. The classes should leave you feeling relaxed, restored and hopefully a little lighter. I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty awesome to me.  Yoganova also run Candle Flow Classes.

So now if you get bored you don’t have to ditch the gym, or kick your your exercise routine to the kerb. Here are just a few classes to put that extra bounce in your step, remember fitness is just a matter of time, but it’s also a matter of opportunity.


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