Cardio can be a dreaded torcherous chore that must be accomplished to ensure maximum health and optimum physique. Make it fun. A great alternative I have found to keeping my cardio fun is the Trampoline. The idea working out on a trampoline is somewhat new, but the device has been around for decades.

With safety being more of a precedent, trampolines have developed into much safer devices that can accommodate most who wish to use them. So let’s talk about this new and fun concept, the trampoline workout.

Let me start by saying that I am mostly referring to full sized trampolines for the exercises I will describe. Mini-tramps can allow some of techniques I will speak on, but for the most part a decent sized trampoline, capable of supporting your whole body and giving you plenty of space on each side, will be needed. Performing a trampoline workout is a totally different world than tradition exercises.


It offers a fun environment, but I caution, please know your abilities when getting onto such a device, for danger is present as with any exercise if performed improperly.

Getting started, my typical routine starts with a warm up of several bounces, 20 backflips, 20 front flips, 20 back handsprings, and then 20 sets of seat drop twists. Here I give myself a full body workout working my legs with each bounce, my arms with the back handsprings, and my core with the seat drop twists.

I will caution you now that my workouts are the product competing as a gymnast of a good deal of my young life, so I more than acknowledge that most people will not be able to perform such workouts.

So for those of you just starting to form a trampoline workout, the main thing to consider is comfort. Whatever you attempt, be comfortable with it and practice it multiple times to get proper form. Remember that often the practice of proper form can give you a workout in itself. Start with just jumping up and down, getting familiar with the movements of the trampoline.

trampoline workout2

It may take a full workout just to accomplish this. Track your breathing and don’t push yourself too hard as with the fun and excitement, you may find yourself experiencing that burning lung feeling quite easily.

Develop technique in your jumps to gain control. Focus on max jumps with no bounce or one bounce if you’re daring. By max jumps, I mean jumping as high as you can with control.

Get comfortable with high knees and butt kickers. If those two terms aren’t self-explanatory, high knees are jumping bringing your knees up and into your chest and butt kickers are bringing your heels up to kick your own butt, literally, if possible. Again I stress control, if something is outside of your comfort zone then modify it until it fits you.

Some of the best techniques to give you a full body workout and the greatest cardio are those that seem a little juvenile in presentation. Knee drops, dropping to one’s knees and then springing back to one’s feet offer toning movements all throughout the legs, the core, even the arms and the explosion to get back to one’s feet ties in plyometrics and places a slight amount of strain on the entire system.

Doggy-drops, landing on both hands and knees then springing back to one’s feet, presents a greater exercise for the arms. If one dares, there are belly drops which as you guessed are landing on one’s stomach. Caution is the word once again as this is a difficult maneuver and can place unwanted strain on the back if performed incorrectly.

There are also a countless number of variations of jumps with spreading the legs in one manner or another, straddle jumps and scissor jumps, to name a couple.

My favorite exercise for a trampoline workout is a modification to a seat drop which is dropping to you rear while straightening your legs together in front and then returning to a standing position. The variation is adding a twist and going right into another seat drop.

So, dropping into a seated position and on the up bounce, twisting oneself approximately 90 degrees to face the other side and then continue to twist into additional seat drops for as many consecutive reps as possible. I usually end up falling on my back, but in the fun I work my core and give myself an awesome cardio workout. Remember a trampoline workout should be fun, so have fun everyone.

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