We usually train our body to improve endurance, strength and flexibility, speed and body composition. But what about our senses – can we train to sharpen our vision, taste, smell, recall and creativity?

Anyone who has been trained to investigate will know how facial signals and eye activity can indicate honesty or lying.

Flicking the eyes left or right, high or low can reveal a lot of information as to whether the person is searching and recalling facts or simply making stuff up or ‘being creative’.


This is all a natural physiological response and no matter how people attempt to disguise their automatic responses, these little giveaways show through.

But used the other way round as exercise, to actually develop and heighten senses, as Dr Deepak Chopra explains in his work we can amplify our senses with easy eye activity.

Research shows that the information we take in through our eyes affects our physiology. That might sound obvious but it reaches deeper than we may consider, such as hormonally, in terms of heart rate and blood pressure.

So enhancing our sensory perception could bring more harmony to the body and improved intuition to the mind. For instance try and remember what you did for your last birthday.

Which direction did your eyes search to get that memory? Most likely to the left, if you are right handed. If we consciously look left we can therefore activate recall and exercise the memory.

Whereas looking to the right would access and exercise creativity (if you were right handed). So a few moments a day while out walking or sitting on the tube, activate these sleepy senses and be attuned to yourself.

Breast fed babies, while staring into mum’s  eyes or picking and pulling on her chest, unconsciously trigger this eye action and so brain activity. Averting our gaze helps us concentrate and dig up information.

It was tempting to test this on my pets but of course they live in the moment and their animal thought process is mostly triggered by what is immediately before their eyes, snout or ears. Whereas ours are more introspective and we don’t always take our cues from the immediate environment.

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Sense Exercises using your Eyes

So, with your head straight forward and eyes open, move your eyes to the upper right. Hold for 15 seconds. This motion activates the creative and visual ability to make new images.

Now look down and right, hold for 15 seconds, this helps recall the kinaesthetic memories, such as touch and physical feeling.

Working on the other side, look up and left. Hold for 15 seconds. This exercises the visual memory.

On the same side, look down and left. Hold for 15 seconds. This action reaches our auditory recall, such as music.

Now switch back to the right side, the creative side. Glance directly to the right without moving the head. This helps us create new sound forms, such as musical composition.

Now look at the tip of your nose. This is thought to strengthen smell, the olfactory sense. Look down lower as if to your tongue now. This is thought to improve taste and gustatory senses.

There are other ways to exercise these senses too such as eating a diet where tastes ranges through: sour, salty, sweet, bitter, pungent and astringent. For instant a lemon is sour, beetroot is sweet, vinegar is sour and an astringent could be green leaves. Lastly, look upward and inward as if trying to look between your brows.

This action heightens intuition. On a more practical and visual level, research has shown that we can exercise the flexibility of our eyes’ lens, therefore decreasing rigidity and assisting long and short sightedness.

It’s a saying that the ‘people of the mountains’ have better vision. This is because they are constantly averting their eyes from long distance, to short and close up focus. Taking that into practise, find a point to focus on as far away as possible. Then bring your vision back to your hand, held close to your face.

Keep flicking between the two points, each time allowing that half second of adjustment time to gather focus. After about 12 flicking back and forth you’ll notice your eyes respond faster to focusing on the detail of both visual points.

Do this in total 20 times. Then there is colour and seeing all things bright and beautiful! Exercising the cones of the retina can add colour and vibrancy.

Here’s an example of a practice:

With your eyes closed and directed to the sunlight, note the colours you see. Hold for 15 seconds. Then gently with a finger on each eyelid, massage the eye for 15 seconds.

You will probably start to see a variety of colours, dark or dazzling.Then turn the head away from the sun and watch the colours change again. Repeat this 3 times.

During these few seconds, even with the eyes tightly closed, you’ll see a spectrum of colours. They will vary day-to-day or week to week, even in the same weather, place and conditions.

Sometimes they will be bloody red or vivid greens, golds or whites, whatever your physiology is for that time. It is just another subtle way to tap into your self-awareness, both for self-care and for deeper curiosity.

Colours will change and the grass can be greener with these sensory exercises! So as well as training your muscles train your senses. Doing so will improve your being on all levels – you’ll be very much your own superman or superwoman.

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