I’ve been self employed in the fitness industry for more years than I would care to mention, and over the course of those years I have had many great experiences… and many not so great!

For those of you that are perhaps just entering this field, or those of you that have been trading for a year or two, I’m sure you will eventually learn that there is no rule book or idiot’s guide that will help you be perfect in business.

Every day is a learning curve

Each lesson you learn in your field will be pertinent to you, and often the lesson learned will have already been in place, but you just couldn’t see it.

If you are a client, and your fitness expert tells you there’s nothing they don’t know about the business, then they are lying. 

In all my years, and with all the contacts in the industry that I have made, I have never met anyone that knew it all.

You see, in business you may have thought you have seen it all, but trust me, there could be a surprise just around the corner that you never saw coming.

It may have been a small point, or a glaring mistake, but it could pull the rug from under you and remind you that you have bitten off more than you could chew.

Embrace the new

With all that said and done, I often enjoy meeting with colleagues and discussing issues with them, in the hope of gaining more insight into this amazing industry we work in.

trainer client relationship_2

Part of the service that I offer in my own business, is consultancy for gyms and instructors, looking to improve their business, so the more knowledge I can gain from insiders, the better.

Every business is different, and everyone requires different inputs, but there are some base level tactics that can be applied to working in the industry.

Say what you mean

One of the main concerns when working with clients, staff and contractors is being able to say what you really mean.

Believe it or not, saying what you mean is a skill that can be practiced and honed, so that whoever you are dealing with at the time, have no doubts at all about what they will receive from you and what you expect from them.

Being able to say what you mean can make life much easier, even though at the time of the event you may feel uncomfortable and anxious.

You see, we are almost pre-disposed in business to make sure that we keep things moving smoothly and efficiently, to the point that in initial meetings and conversations, we often say what we think is right, not what we are actually capable of delivering.

As an instructor, if a client comes to me and wants to lose a stone in a month, the first response is “Of course you can! You see I have had clients in the past that have done this, so yes, we can do that for you.”

Tomorrow, in Part 2, I will continue this and look at what to do when goals aren’t being reached and how to provide the necessary effective guidance. Honesty and reality are critical here and we can still turn things round!

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