I want to get fit!

Have you ever wondered how to get fit in a gym? And I mean really do it properly…

The sales pitch has finished and you have been sold, signed up and are now looking at all that equipment and wondering just what to do next. You look around and there are people sweating, running, rowing, biking and using weights and machines and you are still wondering really … what have I signed up for and how will I get fit now?


How do I get fit?

Well a very sensible answer of course is to get the WatchFit the app. Get a trainer on board and let them design a programme and nutrition plans for you!

The second option is to get plain watch fit.

And to do this all you need is you and a good quality sports watch and use it as a training partner.

Why is a watch useful?

Now I know what are thinking, how on earth can be a watch be a training partner? But it can be! It will never lie to you. It will always be there and it’s 100% accurate.

Next time you are in the gym have a look around and see how many people are wearing watches – not glitzy designer bling jobs, but sports watches with a stopwatch function on them.  Lots may be wearing headphones or even carrying mobiles – but a good quality sports watch? Probably not many. And this is your ace card to being Watch Fit.

Get to know the gym

Next take a look at the gym layout. Seriously take a few seconds to study it and take in what is on offer. Now take a deep breath and start …

Getting started

Predominantly the early stages of getting fit are quite easy. The urge to train is there and that is critical. In fact the first six weeks or so will see you just before you enter the gym have a slight sense of tingly excitement and you will hit the gym with vigour and determination.

Chances are you are with somebody too, a training partner. It’s a whole new and exciting time in your life because you are determined to do it this time. You won’t stop. You will keep going. You can see it now, the buff you, the skinnier you, the fitter you. This is it. This is the time!

Six weeks later

Move on six weeks  .. . and it’s just not there, the buzz has gone.  I was a bit later in the office than I needed to be. My training partner didn’t show. I’m just too tired. It’s only £15.00 a month membership. I’ll hang on to it and I will get round to going again fairly soon.

Then that soon stretches into weeks and you think, ahh all that work I did in those first six weeks, if only I had kept going. I’ve kind of blown that. It’s going to be too exhausting to try and get back to where I was. But I will hang onto my membership, its only £15.00 a month.

train with your watch_2

How do I rediscover my motivation?

Move on six months … and you still have your membership. Not giving that up because it’s only £15.00 a  month and just look at what’s on offer here . I may not be going, but look at the treadmills, the bikes, the rowers, the weights, I’d be mad to cancel as I may just get back to going … but you don’t and time moves on.

Does this sound familiar?

If yes is the answer you have to break the circle and to do that you have to invest just one more time and buy a good quality sports watch and get Watch Fit.

Train with your watch

You have to treat your watch as a training partner and you need to understand the layout of your gym.

‘Have to’ is like being at school and no one ever likes being told they have to do anything in a free and open society. But to break a circle and make it a lifestyle and reach goals,  yes you have to and on this occasion:

 – You have to be a member of a gym.

– You have to wear a watch with a stop watch function.

– You have to keep going at least 3 times a week.

– You have to understand the layout and what pieces of equipment you like

– You have to break the cycle of giving up.

– You have to get Watch Fit.

This is the first step into making the most out of your gym. If you do this you will become motivated, focused and feel rewarded every time you visit the gym. That’s the magic of it all.

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