There are many methods for obtaining a toned physique and considering there are various venues personal to your lifestyle, here are 3 toning workouts for a super lean physique, that can be completed in different settings if needed.

Toning is a way to not only reduce overall body fat, but it is a great way to incorporate muscle-specific moves in efforts of giving you a firmer, more lean look. If you move along rapidly, with minimal resting in between sets, these workouts can also count towards your cardio work as well.

Be sure to fully warm up before beginning these workouts. You can do this by jogging on a treadmill or in place. Do whatever it takes to feel energized and to begin breaking a sweat.


Home/indoor training circuit: full body

– Lunge and Curl – Perform a forward stepping lunge and as you lunge forward, perform a bicep curl; as you return back into a standing position, your arms will come back down to your sides; repeat 12-15 times per leg. Tip: It may be best to perform with a lower weight to begin with since you will be doing 24-30 biceps curls. 

– Squat and Shoulder Press – Holding a challenging weight, feet hip distance apart, as you squat down, move your arms up into a shoulder press; as you return back into a standing position, lower your arms so that your elbows end in a right degree angle, finishing the shoulder press repetition; repeat 12-15 times, until you truly feel the burn in your glutes and shoulders.

– Inner Thigh Squeeze and Triceps Dips – Sitting on a stable chair or bench, move off chair, keeping your bottom close to the chair, bend at the elbows and move downward to then press back up, using your triceps muscles. Do this move all while holding a stability ball with your feet. Perform 12-15 repetitions. Tip: Be sure to push though your triceps and not your shoulders.

– Push-ups and Back Row – Perform a push-up while gripping onto weights; once in the upward position of the push-up, lift one arm into a rowing motion; row on each side before going back down into a pushup.

toning workouts_2

In the gym – upper body

– Chest Press/Fly – Begin the first repetition with a chest press; on the negative motion (once you have lowered the weight), position your palms towards each other and perform a chest fly; continue to move in and out of a chest press and chest fly for a full set of 12-15 repetitions. Tip: Watch the weight you use because you want to be moving safely through each repetition. 

– Bent Over Dumbbell Row – Using a bench, place one hand down and hold weight in opposite hand, keeping shoulders square, pull the dumbbell up towards your rib cage, elbow close to your body, pause and repeat for 12-15 repetitions per side. Tip: Begin the motion with your shoulder first and then continue on with the back muscles. 

– Shoulder Press – Perform 12-15 repetitions; be sure your elbows are at right degree angles and keep your abs engaged.

– Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension – Lie down on a bench and grasp your dumbbells over head. Keeping elbows parallel to each other, lower hands until there is a stretch in the triceps, push hands back up, straighten elbows but avoid a locking position; repeat for 12-15 repetitions.

– Biceps curl – Use the cable machine for continued tension; perform 12-15 repetitions.

– Weighted Crunches – Perform a basic crunch but hold weights directly over your shoulders with a neutral grip; perform 12-15 repetitions.

Home/gym – lower body

– Jump squats – Start with feet wider than shoulders, lower body down into a squat, (butt back and out-yes, out), jump straight up into the air and then land into a deep squat; repeat for 12-15 repetitions. Caution: This is not for someone who has knee complications and should be replaced with a basic squat.

– Stability ball hamstring curls – perform 12-15 repetitions. This may be substituted within the gym setting with machine, lying hamstring curls.

– Combination front & back lunges – Perform a basic lunge move but do it in an alternation fashion of stepping forward to lunge, and with the same leg, step back into a lunge; repeat on opposite leg. Perform 12-15 repetitions per leg while holding weight.

– Step-ups – Using a low bench or aerobics step, hold onto weights and step up with right leg, followed by left, then step back down with right followed by left; perform 12-15 repetitions per leg. Caution: Be sure to completely land on feet and not allow heels to hang off step.

– Calf raises – Stand with right foot tucked behind left leg, holding weight on working side, raise up onto toes and back down without allowing your heel to touch the ground; repeat for 12-15 repetitions and then switch sides.

Naturally you have heard the mantra more times than any other aspect of fitness, that your physique is truly made in the kitchen. Simply put, if you are not eating to fuel for your fittest personal being, then you just may be wasting your time picking up the dumbbells. Be sure to check out our meal plans for one that is right for you so that you can attain your personal lean physique.

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