Toning for women is one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated topics.  Each person is different, and toning is doable for every physically able woman. It is unlikely for a woman to naturally get very big with muscle, especially as big as a bigger and or stronger guy.  If a woman is really big and muscular, I believe it is because she took supplements of some kind to achieve that amount of size, and I have not experienced anything or anyone that has been able to prove otherwise.

When men lift heavy enough we are likely to grow more and more.  Lifting very lite weight with intent on toning and or losing weight is a waste of time.  It does not prepare you for everyday activities while still looking great, and is unlikely to help you tone. Before the facts, here is a toning workouts lean article if you are interested.

Tips for toning for women


Watch out for sugar

The more sugar in you the fatter you are likely to get. When women lift heavier they are more likely to tone which is what you should do and want.

Avoid stress

Stress effects each person differently.  Some lose muscle which no one should do.  Some get fat which no one should want.  Some get sick and more.  Point is try to get and stay positive.  Enjoy the journey and do it for you primarily.

If you did something that works that is great. 

For 3-8 days do different things so that your muscles have little choice but to change and to your benefit and liking.  Lift heavy for 10-12 reps for 2-3 weeks.  To change it up lift liter weight for 15-2- reps to add more endurance and less stress to the body.  Go back to lifting heavy for 10-12 reps.  After 3-4 weeks of that go to lifting heavier for 6-8 reps.

See the pattern?  

Change your program which guarantees that changes will be made and when you eat healthier, get the rest needed, avoid stress as best as you can and avoid rushing your goal you will feel, look and perform better than you thought you could.

My female clients to more than they thought every week and I do not train bodybuilders.

Try training with someone who has the same goal as you and or link up with someone who will be around at the same time as you to help and motivate each other.

If you have questions please email me and do visit my website, and read this article about glute toning exercises if you are interested in more articles about toning and some fun facts about toning.


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