These exercises are going to target on the main areas that women in general like to focus on. They can be trouble spots that we struggle with more than men.

A full body overall toning program is essential so the body takes better shape, as there is no point in focusing too much on one spot and forgetting the rest. That way you are not over training one muscle whilst leaving the opposing muscle weak as that can cause injury.

Gaining strength across all muscles is important to have better strength and above all a stronger core and foundation to handle harder exercises or daily routine and work.


Minimum equipment is required for these exercises except a pair of dumbbells and the best piece of equipment you can use above anything else, is your own body weight!

Start off with a light set of dumbbells as you move through the exercises and make your way up from there, building one step at a time.

Always check with your health care provider before starting a new exercise program. Perform 3 sets of each working between 10-15 repetitions of each.


This exercise will target those legs, thighs and core all at once.

Stand with feet just outside shoulder width apart.

Keep your back straight and chest out looking forward throughout this exercise.

Place your hands up on your forehead. Lower yourself down into a squatted position, as if there is a chair behind you, that you are going to sit on.

Remember keep your body weight on your heels and bum, do not let your knees move forward, passing over your big toes as that puts extra strain on the knees. So if you feel pressure on the knees that means you need to pull back more.

Once you stand up again, lift the left knee up towards the left elbow then bring it down. Repeat with the right side too. This exercise not only works on the legs but the core muscles also.

toning exercises for women_2


So many muscles can feel this one, but mainly the core and back are working hard in this one.

Get down on the mat in a plank position with your hands holding a dumbbell in each one, keeping your hands below your shoulders.

Make sure your body is parallel to the floor with your shoulders, hips and legs in a straight line.

Keep your core tight and engaged and do not let your back sink.

Holding this position, lift one arm, flexing the elbow, lifting keeping it close to your sides. Lower and repeat with the other arm.

Alternate between arms, always keeping a steady plank position with an engaged core.

toning exercises for women_3


Women tend to shy away from these, but they are one of the best upper body exercises you can do!

Get back in to that plank position on the mat and you are going to lower your body to the floor using the strength in your arms, chest and back and lift your body back up again.

For beginners I would suggest placing your knees on the floor to start with to have less body weight to push till you become stronger.


Super great move for those lower abdominals.

Lying on your back, keep your arms down by your side with your hands flat on the floor for support.

Keep your head and shoulders on the mat also.

Lift the legs up and use your pelvic muscles and lower abdominals to lift your hips off the floor and up towards the ceiling and lower slowly back down. Always stay in control of your core.

toning exercises for women_5


Lower body muscles such as your glutes, pelvis and hamstrings are going to feel this one.

Lie on your back on the mat, with the knees bent, arms down by your side with palms to the floor for support.

Contract your glutes and lift your pelvis up off the floor.

Hold it there for a second, then lift and march one leg off the floor. Repeat with the other leg. Then lower the pelvis back to the floor.

toning exercises for women_6


This works great for the arms to look super toned and no more bingo wings!

Place a chair, bench or sofa behind you.

With your hands behind you, hold on to the edge of the chair, keeping your arms close to your body.

Starting position your arms should be fully extended.  Legs can be straight out in front of you or else with your legs bent at the knees.

Slowly lower your body down to the floor until your arms form a 90degree angle in the elbows. Keep those arms as close to you as possible. Then lift your body back up to starting positon.

toning exercises for women_7


No doubt the hips and inner and outer thighs wake up with this exercise.

Lie down on your side with your body in a straight line from head to toe. You can use your hand to support your head. (To make it harder you can do this same exercise lying sideways on a fit ball if you have access to one).

Extend your leg upwards, from the hip joint, towards the ceiling, hold for a split second and lower it slowly back down again, without letting your leg touch back down to the other leg causing the muscles to relax.

Repeat this lift and lower motion keeping it slow and controlled without letting your muscles relax. How high you lift depends on your flexibility. Repeat for the same number of reps on each side.


Burpees are an excellent full body conditioning exercise that targets all areas at once too, but we are adding a little something extra to it.

Bend down in a crouched position with your hands to the floor in front of you. Jump your legs to kick out to the back to bring yourself in a plank positon.

From there bring one knee up and across to the opposite elbow.

Return back and do the same with the other leg. Then immediately jump bringing both legs in back to that crouched position.

Hands leave the floor and jump up to stand straight again. Keep repeating this sequence till you complete 10-15 repetitions.

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