Never forget that in exercise simple is often best, and the dumbbell squat is absolute proof of this. If you want to tone, shape and strengthen legs, bum and hamstrings, then this is for you!

The dumbbell squat also hits lower back and calves too, so it’s a thorough lower body exercise that delivers results.

And the beauty of it is that it requires minimum space nothing complicated in terms of movement. It is a dumbbell squat so of course weights are involved but don’t worry if you don’t have conventional dumbbells – you can just as easily use bottles of water, tins of beans, bags of sugar… Improvisation is fine!


How to do a Dumbbell Squat

1. Stand upright and straight holding a dumbbell in each hand (or bag of sugar etc) down by your sides.

2. Your feet should be shoulder width (or just a little wider) apart, toes pointing very slightly outwards.

3. Make sure you keep your head up straight and looking forwards at all times.

4. Now raise each weight so you are holding them next to and just above your shoulders.

5. Begin by bending your knees whilst ensuring a straight posture throughout. Keeping bending your knees until they are at 90 degree making your thighs parallel to the ground.

6. Your knees should track in the same line as your feet and should not ideally extend beyond your toes.

7. That is the downward half of the exercise completed.

8. Now we drive upwards.

9. Push the floor with your heels as you move upwards, raise your torso and breath out as you do so.

10. As you drive up to your upright starting position, do so steadily and concentrate on those muscles that are doing the work here.


That is all there is to it but I assure you, performed regularly, this is an exercise that will deliver results to areas that many of us ladies like to see improvements!

You can of course add greater weights to each hand as you get stronger and strive for greater intensity.

Squats are great! But why?

Talk to athletes, top bodybuilders, fitness competitors, the best personal trainers – they will all agree that squats are a must in your shaping and strengthening routine.

Here are the reasons…

– Super effective for muscle shaping and building
– Great for balance and mobility
– Shapes and tones those classic ‘problem areas’ of legs and bum
– Like all good strengthening exercises – helps guard against injuries.
– If you are involved in sports this exercise is proven to help deliver enhanced performance; runner quicker, jump higher/further, ‘explode’ from a standing start better.

Squats deliver results!

Look better, be stronger, perform better, ward off injuries…what’s not to like? And when it come to legs and bum toning, it has few rivals!

As with all exercise, particularly those involving your bodyweight and/or additional weights – make sure your form if correct at all times. Technique is vital for delivering results and making sure you do not get injured.

When it comes to choosing weights for dumbbell squats – and if you are new to them – make sure you don’t overextend yourself. If necessary start with low weights to make sure you get the technique properly ingrained first. Then you can start to build on the intensity with higher weight and repetitions.

Toning dumbbell squats really do hit the mark. For a stronger, toned and more defined but and legs, these squats will really deliver!

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