So what’s the plan? Well that depends on your goals

When it comes to health, there are some key fundamentals that lay the path to optimum expression of your inborn ability to live life to the fullest.

Decide today that you’re going to be the person that sits down and defines each of those aspects of your life that will propel you to super health and wellness. Then implement accordingly every day.


Wipe the slate clean

This is the true definition of wiping the slate clean.

There is nothing there that will keep you from accomplishing that because the rules of the game are all new, and you get to decide what they are.

Here are my top tips to stay healthy.

First is function

Right now, your body is doing what it’s learned to do over the years.

All the accidents, injuries, habits, hobbies, sports, house/yard work, inactivity, TV watching, typing, slouching, sleeping on the couch, etc. have defined how your body moves and how your nervous system controls the operations in your body. And they’re no longer ideal.

It’s time for your body to be reminded about what it can do and restore some normal operating parameters.

You can do this through whatever approaches resonate best with you: yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, etc.

However, you will do 2 or 3 of them and you will do them regularly. Book the appointments and show up for each one.

Next is food

This is what fuels your function. There is a standard to meet here, unlike that which society may accept.

There is no room for fast food, junk food, boxed foods and skipping foods on your new slate of healthy measures.

You will redefine what you allow to go in your body and with one fell swoop of determination you will strictly adhere to those guidelines.

Print out and review a low-glycemic eating lifestyle and pattern your choices after this approach. Then make the time in your life to prepare and support those foods going into your body with a plan…there is no other better way to spend your time.

Third is fitness

tips to stay healthy_2Without motion, there is no life.

You don’t need to propel yourself to Instagram fame, nor do you need to commit to a bootcamp of torture to accomplish this goal.

Fitness should get your heart pumping, your lungs breathing, your skin sweating and your head cleared of stress.

Find something you love to do and make the time in your schedule each day to do 90 minutes of it, non-negotiable.

Furthermore there’s sleep

Sleep is when your body heals itself and commits subconsciously to another day of taking care of you!

When people say they don’t have enough time in their life, they’re not sleeping enough, I can virtually guarantee. The well-rested person gets more done per unit time and is better at differentiating what really needs to be done versus those things that are just time busters.

Aiming for 8 hours may leave you with 7, but if you’re only getting 6 you’re probably erasing too much off the slate.

As with the other variables on your new heath list, this will become part of your non-negotiable schedule.

Finally there is positive mental attitude

So it’s back to your positive mental attitude and supporting the emotional return to who you really are, what you’re capable of doing and then receiving those things that make up your dreams, desires, goals and ambitions.

By wiping the slate clean and starting this health kick for 2016, you can massively revert back to expressing your best self and attracting the life that you want, including abundant health.

This wiping of your slate has been presented as a solid line in the ground. You plan for it, then you wake up one morning and you make it all happen. No baby steps.

Arguably, you could use baby steps, but then again, this is so achievable, so do-able, that there is no reason to not make the shift right away.

Plan for it, prepare for it, know who you are, know who you can be, know what you’re going to do, and you will have it done. A clean slate for 2016 on how to be healthy will get you back to being that person you were designed and created to be…BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!

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