We all have our own fitness goals. Whether it is to lose weight, or build strength, raise our conditioning level, or all of the above, we push ourselves to achieve these and we take our motivation and inspiration from where we can. We might look up to real-life people or even fictional characters – someone like Lara Croft perhaps.

A UK national Sunday newspaper once dubbed me ‘The real life Lara Croft’  when it wrote about me and my fitness championship wins, adventure races and explorations amongst other things. 

Initially I wasn’t too pleased as it sounded a bit trite and gave my friends plenty of ammunition to joke with. But looking back I should be grateful. 

So I shall embrace it…

Lara Croft is an iconic British ‘90s video game character and is the main protagonist of the highly successful, globally recognized Tomb Raider franchise. From her pixelated origins back in 1996 to today’s more refined image and a couple of blockbuster movies, Croft is represented as a bright, attractive and athletic English archaeologist/adventurer.

Her influence spans movies starring Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander. She has also made it into the world of online entertainment in the form of Spin Genie and its slot machine variant, Tomb Raider. Basically, we can all follow Lara Croft’s development as a positive agent of change and apply those factors to our fitness regimen.

This overall health evolution is divided into two parts, each having four different levels. The first aims to build our cardio with simple exercises we can do at home, while the second focuses on strength training using basic equipment such as a chin-up bar (which I appreciate you may not have although it is for the more advanced), a towel and an old newspaper – which I am sure you do have!

Do this alternating workout five times a week and you’re on your way to achieving total Lara Croft-like fitness. 



Beginner Level

It starts with brisk-paced walking for 35 to 45 minutes outdoors. You can do this at a local park or just outside your home. Maintain an elevated heart rate at all times to get the most out of your workout. If this phase feels to easy and simple for you, then it’s time to move on to the next.

Intermediate Level:

Slowly incorporate light jogging into your walks. The simplest of sets consist of a one-minute jog followed by a four-minute brisk walk. After completing every 4:1 set, stop and do 20 jumping jacks. Increase your jogging:walking ratio gradually until you’ve covered the 35 to 45-minute workout.

Advanced Level:

We’re now targeting speed. Go hard and see how many or miles we can achieve in our run. Keep stopping every five minutes, however, this time, instead of doing 20 jumping jacks, hit the pavement and complete 10 basic burpees (without jumping and pushing up).

Lara Croft Level:

This is relatively the same as the previous level, but instead of finishing 10 basic burpees in between, let’s do 15 with a jump, a push-up, and a tuck jump.


Beginner Level:

10 chair-assisted chin-ups (palm away) for three sets
10 kneeling push-ups for three sets
10 bodyweight squats for three sets
25 crunches for 3 sets
1 newspaper crumple for 3 sets each hand (using one hand, pinch the corner of the newspaper while standing and holding out your arms in front so the paper’s hanging without touching anything. Slowly crumple it into a ball and repeat on the other hand).

Intermediate Level:

15 chair-assisted chin-ups (palm away) for three sets
15 kneeling push-ups for three sets
20 bodyweight squats for three sets
25 bicycle crunches for three sets
30 seconds chin-up bar hangs for three sets

Advanced Level:

10 chin-ups for three sets
10 push-ups for three sets
15 tuck jumps for three sets
50 bicycle crunches for three sets
30 seconds towel hangs for three sets

Lara Croft Level:

15 towel chin-ups for four to five sets
15 clap push-ups for four to five sets
20 tuck jumps for four to five sets
50 bicycle crunches for four to five sets
30 seconds leg lift hold for four to five sets

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