Biceps: a Coveted Sign of Strength

Anyone who is into fitness or trying to get that look of  “definition” definitely wants to achieve a physic that is coveted by others. It is rather common now to look on social media and see photos of both men and women alike flashing their “guns” – or biceps – showing that, with hard work, anyone can grow their biceps with the right exercises.

From Flex Friday selfies to cut off muscle tanks, having biceps is a coveted sign that you’re not only strong, but in great shape with a lean physique.


To grow your biceps, try adding any of these exercises below to your current exercise regime. I’m sure that in no time, with consistency, you’ll notice growth and definition amongst your very own biceps!

Best Gym Exercises for Biceps: How To Grow Your Biceps

1 – Barbell Curl

An awesome compound exercise which will help to add mass and definition to the biceps. I personally like to do this exercise standing.

To perform – load a standard 45lb. barbell with weight, pick it up and make sure your hands are in a supinated grip position [palms up] – shoulder width apart. Let your arms hang by your hips, tuck your elbows into your sides and curl the bar up towards your chest/chin. Repeat.

Simple tip: remember to always keep tension on your bicep and don’t let it relax at the bottom of the movement.

2 – Cross-Body Alternating Dumbbell Curl

This exercise is great because it’s not only simple to perform, but is natural in its movement. To perform, hold two dumbbells at your sides, with arms straight and palms facing your body – remembering to still keep elbows tucked into sides.

Next, begin a hammer curl motion with the dumbbell, rotating it so that at the end of the movement your palms are facing your head. Then, lower dumbbell back to starting position and repeat on other arm.

3 – Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Another great bicep exercise is this one! It is great for developing the forearms, brachialis and brachioradialis; plus, you’ll likely notice that you can lift more weight with this movement than a dumbbell curl.

To perform, hold two dumbbells at your sides, with arms straight and palms once again facing your body, remembering to still keep the elbows tucked next to the body. Next, curl the dumbbell as high as you can without moving your elbows, while maintaining palm position.

Ideally, the flat top of the dumbbell should come close to touching the shoulder. Think of this movement much like when you are swinging a hammer.

4 – Seated Dumbbell Incline Curls

gym exercises for biceps_2

I particularly like this movement because of the angle of my body when I perform it and the increased stretch to the working muscle that I get while in this position.

However, you will probably notice that this exercise is going to require that you use a lighter weight in order to perform with proper form and really target the main belly of the muscle. To perform, adjust a bench so that it has a 45-60 degree angle.

Next, grab two dumbbells and hold them so that your palms are facing out, arms hanging at your sides straight down and back against the bench pad. Next, keeping the palms out throughout the whole range of motion, curl the dumbbells up towards your shoulders, focussing on the bicep muscles and then slowly lower back to starting.

This exercise, I like to use a faster tempo with the curl and a slower, controlled tempo to lower the weight back to starting.

5 – Close-Grip Chin Ups

This is another great movement that also can target the biceps, especially if you place emphasis on working this muscle to lift yourself above the bar. Ironically, it’s similar to doing body weight curls.

To perform, find a straight bar that you can reach comfortably while standing. Next, grip the bar with an underhand [supinated grip] where your palms will be facing you. Keep the hands about 4-6 inches apart, right outside of your chin.

Then, engage your core and work your biceps to help you pull yourself upward – primarily trying to get your chin above the bar. Using controlled movement throughout the range of motion and repeating.

Like I said earlier, these are all great movements to try within your workout regime. Also, remember to not only work your biceps, but also your triceps. As much as you want to hammer out the front of the body, do not neglect the back of your body – otherwise you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

Biceps really are more of a sedentary muscle and, for them to seriously grow and develop in size and definition, you’re going to have to also look at working the surrounding muscles groups like the triceps, shoulders, chest and back.

Good luck and happy bicep growth!

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