Squats are a movement not only important for weightlifters, but for all athletes and also for the general public.

Squatting is a functional movement used daily by everyone.

Doing squats in the gym is a great way to train the whole body and to increase strength and power as well as tone and burn calories.


As we age, we naturally lose strength and power, which are necessary for daily activities. Squatting is a basic movement that not only tones and strengthens the legs, but it is actually a total body exercise.

Squatting with weight works not only the legs, but also the entire core through the maintenance of trunk rigidity, the shoulders as you hold onto the bar, and the upper back as you maintain extension of the spine to hold the bar in place.

Because squatting is a total body strengthening exercise, it will build strength and endurance in the body and also increase power.

Power is measured as how quickly your body can produce force.

The more quickly you can produce force, the more powerful you are. The more powerful your body is, the better off you will be in moving throughout your day through stability of the body and injury prevention.

Squatting will enhance flexibility.

As you squat, you move your hips through the full range of motion. As this movement occurs, it will strengthen your hip and thigh muscles throughout their entire range, which will enhance range of motion throughout other activities.

As the tightness that many of us experience in our hips and low backs is loosened by doing squats, you will notice a decrease in back pain and notice how much easier it is to move throughout your day.

Because squatting is such a rigorous exercise, it burns a lot of calories.

As I explained in a previous article, ““What Kind of Exercise is Recommended for Diabetics?” weightlifting burns more calories not only during your workout, but also throughout the entire day.

Squatting is great for weight-loss in addition to all of the other many benefits outlined above.

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When squatting for weight loss, lower the intensity of your workout but increase the volume—basically lighten the weight but complete more repetitions.

If you are a weekend warrior or an amateur athlete, then squatting is essential to your workout plans.

I would argue, and this is backed up by research, that squatting is the most important exercise for any athlete or person wanting to increase their fitness levels. Squatting will build your strength and power.

As an athlete this is important for speed and strength in sprinting, running, jumping, throwing, kicking, and many other movements.

As you strengthen and increase flexibility, you will reduce the likelihood of injury.

Strengthening the hips and thighs will increase stability of the lower extremities and it will increase stability of the trunk and back.

Having greater stability and strength can prevent falls and it will also lead to strengthening of the bones through physiological changes, which will also prevent fractures and breaks.

Having more stability and strength can prevent muscular injuries such as pulls and tears.

If you do not already squat, start sooner rather than later! You will quickly see the benefits and notice how much easier daily activities become.

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