Judicael Ekindi is a former basketball player who is on a mission to awaken the athlete in other people. “I was a top player for many years. I believe that we all have the ‘athlete’s spirit’ in us, but if it’s not triggered it might never be used.”

Where did your interest in health, fitness start?

It started playing basketball professionally. I realised how performance could be affected by physical condition and I found it amazing. Then I realised how confidence could affect performance equally dramatically and how both were linked.


Then I tried to find out more about fitness, I started to ask questions to the strength and conditioning coaches we had and I fell in love with what I learnt. I knew that as soon as I stopped playing I would want to train people. When I started to train people, I also fell in love with seeing someone you train make progress (mentally and/or physically).

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What motivates you to stay fit?

I think that it’s about having no regrets and having respect for those who can’t train. I have been injured in the past and that’s what made me realise what it was like not to be able to train when I really wanted to. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I am also curious to see how far I can go and that keeps me going. My thirst for competing and being the ‘number 1’ keeps me going as well.

I have a really strong desire to inspire people. I feel like if I wasn’t training hard I would be disrespecting my clients and all the people that can’t train, the ones that see me as a model or try to learn from me and the way I train.

What are your ambitions?

I want my own performance centre and I want it to be the first place people think of when they are looking for a place to get ready for an event or simply to train.

What parts of your body do you dislike training?

I actually like to train any part of my body, but some are trickier than others. My shoulder workout is the most unpleasant one for me though.

Favourite exercises

Weighted chin-ups and power cleans:

What I love about that exercise (and pretty much all the Olympic lifts) is that the second you don’t respect one single rep, that rep goes wrong.
These are exercises that challenges me the most physically and mentally, those are the ones that are my favourite. When an exercise makes you think for a few seconds and you take a deep breath and even talk to the equipment before you start a set, it can only be a good sign!

Favourite cheat food

It has to have melted cheese on it!

Quote to live by

“Anything you can do I can do better.” Challenges have always been my greatest source of motivation. Along with doing things that people believe impossible or almost impossible to achieve.

Current training programme

Judicael always does some form of cardio, varying it between longer and shorter distance workouts designed to build endurance and power respectively. “On a leg day I run or use the rowing machine and on upper body days I cycle using a good resistance.”

When it comes to the upper body the fitness professional likes to work opposite muscles and use the push and pull method. “I usually start with a compound exercise and then isolate the muscle I want to focus on.”

Day 1 :
– Morning cardio,biceps/ back and triceps/ chest compound exercises.
– Biceps and triceps isolation exercises
– Upper Abs
Day 2:
– Legs single and double leg exercises
– Cardio
– Lower abs
Day 3:
– Morning cardio
– Shoulders/triceps compound
– Shoulders then triceps isolation exercises
– Obliques and Core
Day 4:
– Legs single + double leg exercises
– Cardio
– Upper Abs
Day 5:
– Morning cardio
– Biceps/back compound exercises
– Biceps isolation exercises
– Lower abs
Day 6 :
– Leg plyometrics and whole body circuit training
– Cardio
– Obliques + core

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“For a photoshoot or if I really need fast results I go for a low carb, high protein and low fat diet. Judicael also varies his nutrition in regard to the day’s training ahead.

“For breakfast I might have 4 egg whites only, unless it was a leg day when I would then add some carbs (oatmeal). Then I mainly have
vegetables and a source of lean protein with jalapenos, spicy peppers or curry for my meals to speed up my metabolism.”

Sample meal day, 3 weeks out from a photoshoot

– Meal 1: 4 egg withes
– Meal 2: Broccoli and carrots, chicken and coconut oil
– Meal 3: Green vegetables and turkey
– Meal 4: Vegetables with 1 or 2 chicken breasts or turkey and low fat cottage cheese
– Meal 5: Tuna salad
– Snacks: Fruits

“My off season diet is similar but contains more fat and carbs, such as fish, nuts, couscous/brown rice/sweet potato and cereals in the morning. I usually eat fewer meals but bigger portions. If don’t feel hungry I do not force myself to eat so the number of meals can vary. I usually go for a moderate/high carb, moderate/high protein and moderate fat diet.

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