Running is incredibly easy and accessible

I imagine that when the new WatchFit articles go live, there are many of you who read the amazing pieces with eager anticipation.

Let’s be honest, many of the features submitted by some of the most amazing fitness professionals in the business, would inspire anyone to get off the sofa and get fit.


In an ideal universe, we would all be active and healthy, and every day would start and finish with a workout or a fitness session. Obesity would be a thing of the past, and we would all be resplendent in lycra…….Cue scratchy record sound effect and a jump back to reality!

As someone in the business, I know how difficult it can be to get folks moving.

I can post as much information as possible onto social media, but to be honest, if they don’t want to go, they aint gonna go.

Some folks just don’t enjoy the gym experience and would be horrified at the prospect of going to their local Zumba class.

So running often rears its head as a perfect solution to the problem.

– You can run when and where you like.

– You don’t need anyone to do it with.

– You can go at your own pace, and it’s free.

Yes, it’s free. You can run anywhere you like for free, and you don’t need a licence. Usually.

Throw your trainers on and away you go, some folks don’t even bother with the trainers anymore, but that’s an article for another day.

should you be running_2

So why are we not all running?

You would think with all those selling points, the streets would just be heaving with people pounding the sidewalk and looking amazing.

Well I’m looking out the window just now and in half an hour no-one has jogged by. Not a soul and, if i’m honest, nobody is even walking that fast either.

So what’s the story? Why are we not all running fanatics?

Well the truth of the matter is, despite what you might hear from friends and colleagues, running isn’t for everyone.

Running can cause problems of it’s own and often we can find ourselves in pain and stress after even the shortest of jogging expeditions.

One of the main reasons behind this  is a basic fundamental behind outdoor running.

To be able to run efficiently, we need to have particular muscle groups all working together, and they all need to be in good shape in the first place.

In a perfect scenario, our hips, glutes and hamstrings all need to be working together, in perfect harmony, to enable a pain and stress free running expedition. These groups of muscles enable us to move and are all located near vital joints.

If we have weakness in certain areas, it can lead to problems, as our bodies will find a way to keep us operating the best way it can.Imagine driving your car and everything seems fine, but the radiator has no water in there. You are only going to drive so long before something gives.

The biggest problem for beginner runners, is the damage you could be doing without knowing it. Eventually you will end up with muscle, tendon or ligament damage. When this happens early on in your running adventure, it can really put you off.

There’s nothing worse than sore hips, knees or ankles when you have just started to get going. It really puts people off.

Now there’s good news

A lot of issues that occur through running stress can be addressed and worked on. There are many exercises that can prepare the muscles, and strengthen them before you hit the road.

So if you have been a runner and it was just too painful to continue in any long term way, you may just need to do a little more conditioning work on problem areas to get match fit.

Working on strengthening the major muscle groups used in running, and keeping your ankles safe with strengthening work in specific areas, can really be the difference between a slight injury and a four week rest doing nothing.

Before I wrap up

Can I just say that some people just find running a huge bore. I hate to offend anyone, but some folks just don’t like being outdoors and running. Even with a friend, even with a group, even with their iPod.

It’s just not stimulating enough, it’s just not for you.

That’s cool.

Not everyone likes Zumba, it doesn’t make them a bad person.

That’s why the fitness industry is so varied.

We don’t all like the same things, and that’s OK!


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