It’s very difficult to imagine what we will all be doing in the next 10 years.

It’s can be hard for me to picture what I am doing in the next 10 minutes. I don’t really plan too much ahead. If they had told us a 10 years ago that we would all have phones in our pockets that we would use as hand-held computers we might not have believed it.

Technology these days is so advanced that we had very little concept of just how much it would change our lives in such a short space of time.


We use technology all day, every day.

We now use our phones to help us with all matter of things: to stay in touch online, to plan our routes on journeys, to book tickets for the cinema and the theatre, to order food, to play games, to watch films, to take pictures and make films, to do our banking, to organise our days. The list goes on and on and there was a time in our lives when that was incredible to imagine.

Like me, I’m sure you can remember the first mobile phones: big, bulky, brick-shaped lumps of plastic. It is so strange to imagine using them nowadays. As technology updates on a daily basis, so too do our lives. The younger generation see this with greater clarity than those of us who remember the 1980’s well.

An age gap?

They have found themselves part of this advanced age and embrace it and run with it. My friend’s six-year-old has a better grasp of her iPhone than me and is able to flip through its apps with the greatest of ease. On the other hand I am still struggling with the intricacies of setting the alarm on my phone.

It’s just a generation thing.

Television is another incredible piece of advancement that has left many of us bewildered and bemused. There used to be a time when you had to remember when a certain telly show was coming on. You would pick up the TV Times and, with a red felt-tip pen in hand, go through the schedules, circling your favourite shows in an attempt not to miss them.

Thankfully the arrival of the video recorder meant we could record shows on big, bulky, brick-shaped lumps of plastic and watch them whenever we liked. Now we can watch anything, any time we want, anywhere we like. On-demand means that the TV Times is now almost obsolete as we have the TV schedules available in front of us on the screen when we like and we don’t need to buy it anymore.

Oh, how things change!

The time of a programme means nothing as we can watch it an hour later on Plus One or record it on to a hard drive built into the TV itself and watch it at 4am if we like. That’s if you can even figure out what to watch, since we now have 3000 channels to choose from. I remember when there were only three!

The ever-growing fitness industry moves in the same way

30636202_lMulti-gym equipment that used to be solely found in expensive gyms can now be bought for use in the home. Treadmills and cross trainers are now fitted with TV screens and iPod docks so you can while away the hours as you workout. Equipment now records your progress and plots your next session for you.

You can send the information to your own phone so you can track your progress whenever you like. You can buy a wristband now that will record your every move and tell you how well you have done, how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burnt, what your heart rate and blood pressure were when you did it and when you should have your next protein shake.

So what’s next for the industry?

Wish I knew but if I had to guess I imagine it will go like this:- Gyms that do everything for us is a given. Equipment that recognises us, records, remembers and analyses our effort then offers up programmes is definitely happening. Gyms that offer live classes streamed 24 hours a day for participants is also a real possibility.

– Digital instructors

Instructors on screens in studios that deliver sessions on whatever you want whenever you want is also bound to evolve. You will be able to pop in to the studio at 3am and take part in a pilates class that was pre-recorded for you that day. Eventually holographic instructors will appear (at the push of a button on your phone probably) and take you through whatever class you fancy at the time.

Fitness apps

Personal trainer apps will record your every detail before deciding what the best exercise is for you to do on a daily basis. Yep, the future is fitness folks and it is pretty much here! Just check out the interactive training apps here at WatchFit!

The future and beyond

The only thing that will change is the way in which it’s presented to us. I can see us in 20 years in air-conditioned, anti-gravity studios, doing air pilates and zero-gravity cardio sessions, dressed in breathable, skin-tight, moisture-absorbent workout suits that prevent dehydration and flush lactic acid from our muscles as we perform the movement.

When you finish the changing room will shower, dry and massage you before washing your workout gear and storing it for your next visit. Then you’ll plug your phone straight into a USB port in your neck and head back to work to catch up with everything you missed while you were at your class.

Fanciful sounding perhaps, but 20 years ago the internet seemed like science fiction…

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