Nothing feels better on a hot summer day than jumping in the pool for some laps while the water cools your body down. The rush of the water over your body helps build muscles and burn fat in a way that’s easy on your joints as well as your mind. It’s easy to forget that swimming can be an incredibly effective weight loss tool considering that the average person can burn up to 266 calories in just a half hour!

There are many ways you can increase the amount of calories burned to totally reshape your body this summer just by swimming

Here are some of them.


Join a class

Many gyms and health clubs offer aquatics classes or open pool hours all summer and it’s a great way to get out there and get fit. Classes give you the chance to meet new people and work out in a group setting while still getting a great aerobic workout. The water in a pool provides resistance to all your movements and with the currents from all the other participants moving the water around you, you can be sure you’ll burn some major calories. Some classes also add in water weights and dynamic movements to help build muscle at the same time. Aquatics classes are great for those who either want to try something new or for those who find working out on land too painful or jarring. Check out your local gym or YMCA for class times.

Swim laps

For some people, working out in a group just isn’t their thing, which is totally fine. Simply find out when the pool is open for use and just get in there and move! You don’t need to have perfect form to reap the benefits of pool exercise. Grab some water weights and do some shadow boxing under water to really get a good upper body and cardio workout or recreate some movements from your favorite lifting machines to help sculpt your body. My favorite is to stand in the shallow end of the pool with my arms straight out and move them backwards and forwards in the water. The added resistance of the water helps tone up your back and chest and helps strengthen your core at the same time.

swimming for weight loss tips

Swimming and appetite control

Ever notice how after an intense workout session you’re usually starving? That’s your body’s normal response to replace all the calories you lost. Water provides 12 to 14 percent more resistance than air, so you’re still using up a lot of energy swimming. The water provides resistance over your entire body versus exercises on land which only provide resistance over the area that you’re focusing on. There’s no way to prevent the hunger, but you can control what you put in your body afterwards. Choose a snack or small meal that contains both carbohydrates and protein to help replenish your body such as peanut butter and apple slices or a healthy smoothie.


Swimming is for everyone. It’s a great alternative exercise if you’re injured and is a good workout for seniors or those with joint pain. Water reduces your “weight” by around 90%, so you have a great deal of freedom with your exercises. Go out and have some fun this summer at your local pool or gym!



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