It’s summer time and there is no better time to get yourself beach (or pool) ready! There’s still quite a few weekends left in the summer to get your body to the next level. Let’s take advantage of them by getting your body swim suit ready in no time with these three workouts.

Spoiler Alert: Be prepared to SWEAT with these workouts! These workouts are intense and meant to take your body to the next level. These workouts are going to challenge not only your endurance, but also your cardiovascular system. That is going to burn a lot of calories, and produce a lot of sweat.

These workouts are designed to be completed weekly. You can mix and match them, or add one to your current routine.


Workout 1: Total Body Resistance

Complete 2-3 sets of the following exercises. Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, then take a 15 second break before moving to the next exercise. Be sure not to use any momentum when completing the moves, and maintain appropriate posture and a tight core.

1.  Mountain climbers

2.  Squats

3.  Chest press

4.  Standing Row

5.  Plank

6.  Jumping rope

7.  Alternating Lunges

8.  Overhead presses

9.  Assisted pull ups or Lat Pull downs

10.  Side planks

sweaty workouts_2

Workout 2: Cardio Intervals

You can complete cardio intervals with any type of cardiovascular equipment. They key is to get your heart rate into the appropriate zone, then recovery fully before moving into your next interval. To determine your maximum heart rate, take 220 and subtract your age.

That is your maximum heart rate. Then to determine the appropriate range, multiply your maximum heart rate by the percentage given (for example, if you are 30 years old and want to work at 80% your maximum, you would first find your maximum heart rate by taking 220-30= 190. Then multiply your maximum heart rate by 80% or 0.8 (190 x .8 = 152.  Your goal would be to have your heart rate reach 152 beats per minute).

Most cardio machines have sensors that will tell you your heart rate. You can also purchase a heart rate monitor (I love my Polar heart rate monitor) or take your heart rate during exercise for 6 seconds and add a zero (for example, if I take my heart rate for 6 seconds during exercise and count 15 beats, I would calculate my heart rate at 150 beats per minute).

As with any cardio workouts, you should always begin with a 5-10 minute warm up and finish with a 5-10 minute cool down.


0:00-1:00 75% maximum heart rate

1:00-2:00 80% maximum heart rate

2:00-3:00 75% maximum heart rate

3:00-4:00 85% maximum heart rate

4:00-5:00 75% maximum heart rate

5:00-6:00 90% maximum heart rate

Repeat the above 2-3 times

Workout 3: Total Body Resistance

Complete 2-3 sets of each exercise. Complete 10-15 repetitions of each exercise, unless otherwise noted.

1.  Box Jumps

2.  Chest fly

3.  Plank row

4.  Toe Touches

5.  Ice skaters (complete for 60 seconds)

6.  Leg Press

7.  Dumbbell lateral raises

8.  Reverse flys

9.  Cable rotation

10.  Burpees

sweaty workouts_3I hope you enjoy these sweaty workouts. Give them a try and see your body transform in no time: the beach is waiting 🙂 Ready. SWEAT. GO!

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