This piece of ‘go anywhere’ total body training equipment has become huge in recent years, and for very good reason!

So have you joined the world of suspense yet? If not, don’t worry there’s always time!


Effective, versatile and practical

Suspension training is a superb training concept and suspension training products are an invaluable and fundamentally simple accessory. It is not only superbly versatile and practical, it is amazingly effective too.

It forces the body to perform in ways that nothing else can really replicate.

suspension training_5

Founded on solid, effective and proven principles, suspension training actually relies on nothing more than basic laws of physics and your own bodyweight.

And that’s it!

As with many of the best training breakthroughs and associated concepts, this is pretty simple.

Bodyweight exercises

The suspension trainers – of which there are several brands including FKTone, TRX and Freedom Trainer –  are based on a wide range of exercise options and possibilities and all these exercises demand controlled movement against degrees of your bodyweight at all times.

suspension training_2

This has the effect of demanding great form and technique – because you’ve got no choice and are not going to get away with anything less!

Strength and muscular endurance

Whilst demanding and teaching great form, suspension training also significantly enhances muscular endurance and strength throughout your body in a way unlike anything else.

It is also an outstanding training protocol for making great gains in terms of balance, coordination flexibility and metabolic training.

So now you are starting to see what a great all rounder this is!

Practical equipment

As touched on earlier, practicality is also one of the great benefits here. The suspension straps, regardless of brand, are easy to pack, travel with and deploy.

The key thing is to always ensure you have solid anchors to attach them to. This is critical.

So they can be carried anywhere and easily set up utilising any secure structure such as a weight rack, solid post or beam or door (using the included anchoring attachments).

Personally, I like to take mine out to the neighbouring woods and attach to a sturdy tree. I’m only very light, but even I don’t take liberties with my anchor!

suspension training_3

You must ensure that whatever you are using, it is not going to budge. It certainly must not break, but even shifting a little could cause danger, damage and injury. Be careful!

Bear in mind your own standard of fitness and conditioning

Even if you regard yourself as a good athlete in great shape, but are a suspension newbie – start slowly and get a proper feel of the demands and what you can do.

suspension training_4

This is the same with any new exercise programme, but particularly with suspension training.

Do not be gung ho and do not bite off more than you can chew, otherwise you may not be doing any training for a while!

But used properly and with respect, all standards from novice to top athlete can benefit greatly from the exercises which include lower body and ground-based work as well as comprehensive upper body work.

suspension training_6

This form of training places great demands on the body which lead to great and lasting results.

You can tailor its usage to your standards and there is great room to scale up as you get fitter and stronger.

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