Obi Obadike is one of the highest profile fitness stars in America. He is a well known TV personality and has graced dozens of magazine covers worldwide.

He has been named ‘Most influential fitness voice’ on Twitter and ranked 3rd Most Influential Fitness Personality in the USA.

He is an expert right at the top of his game, which is why in this 2nd part of his article, he is happy to speak out about those who might not be all they seem… 


Is it the Steroids/PEDS Or Supplements Building the Body?

One of the worst forms of fraud in the fitness industry is when the bikini competitor, figure competitor, physique competitor, and/or bodybuilder is taking every illegal PED or steroid to build their body and get as lean as possible to step on a fitness competition stage.

After that they are pushing some stack of supplements and posting it on social media and saying how these supplements helped them create that shape.

But everybody in the know, knows what built their body was the illegal PEDs and steroids. There was a scientific research study compiled not that long ago which proved that you could actually build muscle while sitting on the couch and taking steroids and, most importantly, never lifting a thing.

The consumer looks up to these physique competitors and will buy into everything they say, do and take – including supplements.

A lot of them conveniently forget to tell the truth and reveal the actual PED cycle stack that their coach gives them. The sad part of this is that many of them don’t even know what they are actually taking.

It’s not just guys, its women too…

In fact, the women are just as bad as the men when it comes to this. Many of the thin bikini competitors are taking drugs given them by their coach for that moment on stage, and then after their competition they’re on social media brandishing their credentials as a ‘sponsored athlete’ and pushing some silly supplement stack that supposedly did the trick for them.

Supplements Building the Body_3I know, I’ve fallen for it!

Back as a senior in high school, I was a victim of this fraud. I remember seeing the old Cybergenic supplement commercials and there was a popular bodybuilder featured saying how he put on 30 pounds of muscle taking Cybergenics.

This was a supplement product that was marketed heavily and the claims were you could build lean muscle just by taking the product.

Being a young, impressionable, skinny kid, I watched the commercial thinking that I could put on 30 pounds of muscle because the bodybuilder said so.

He should know! I was obviously very naive and didn’t understand that Cybergenics wasn’t the product that helped this bodybuilder gain 30 pounds of muscle. It was steroids that did it.

I was a victim of this fraud and there are many teenagers, and adults too, who fall prey to this fraud each and every day all over the world.

The only way to stop people from falling victim to these schemes is to educate them.

Photoshop, liposuction, booty implants, etc…

It is sad that when some fitness model posts a simple selfie of their physique on social media in order to motivate you to push through fitness goals,  you can’t even trust that the image is actually this person’s true physique.

In the fitness industry you have some fit models who are so insecure that they can’t post an image of their body on social media without having to photoshop it first.

If a person is going to use Photoshop to try and make their butt bigger, waist smaller, arms and shoulders bigger, lips fuller and nose smaller so they can post this selfie image on social media in order to make money off their digital products – then that is straight up fraud.

Why would want to follow someone that does that and then lies to their followers that this is their physique and that this is the workout they do when that’s not true. Are they really inspirational? Of course not.

Supplements Building the Body_2Media manipulation

There is a difference between that and what photographers do professionally for magazine publications. Sure you are not seeing the ‘raw’ image of that subject – or at least vary rarely are you seeing an untouched picture.

But once you sign a release form for a photographer, professionally they have the rights to alter or edit your photo since they are the copyright owner of that image. After you sign the release form you have no control over that.

Some of the biggest female names that you might know in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, and that I know personally, have done liposuction. They were either much thicker, gained weight when they were younger, or they had a child and had a lot of extra baby weight to lose.

Some of them resorted to liposuction to lose the weight and there is nothing wrong with that if it is your personal choice, but what is wrong is promoting their “before and after” transformation pictures and are claiming that they lost this weight doing some unique diet and exercise program.

No mention of the other considerable assistance!

The reality of Before & After Transformations

Then they use those same transformations to sell fitness equipment products, apps, eBooks, etc. This is clearly fraud! And when was the last time you ever found a fraud inspirational?

Don’t forget the female fitness model who posts daily (and increasingly boring) Instagram or Facebook shots of her backside to show people how to get a better butt.

Then you find out that the only reason this person has such a pronounced backside is because of implants she had put in through surgery and nothing to do with the silly nonsensical glute exercises she posts. How inspirational is that?

But this same person brands herself a ‘Glute Expert’ when she has no credentials, no certifications, no formal education, etc. She is just someone who has bashed away to build a social media following which is built on a bedrock of horny guys that love to see her daily posts.

To promote oneself as an expert of a certain body part such as the glutes but getting implants in order to make money off of this falsified brand is fraud. It cannot be anything else.

You, the fitness and health enthusiast, really have to do your own independent research and use some common sense when following some of these so-called ‘inspirational fitness figures‘ because many of them only care about how much money they can make off you.

Supplements Building the Body_4Believing their own myths

Many of them have lied so much for 5, 10, 20+ years that they’ve lost sight or reality and actually believe their own deceptions  and they will go maintain them until they are exposed. And even when they are exposed, they will deny it to the bitter end!

Are there some good quality inspirational people out there in fitness industry? Yes you bet there are!

Some genuinely, authentically, mindblowingly inspirational and knowledgeable men and women.  But many of them are not that flashy, they are often very humble and prefer to let their work speak for them.

They don’t all have vast social media followings, many of them don’t post images of their body every single day and aren’t begging for attention.

But they have solid, genuine messages and they are highly ethical and credible experts and personalities. They actually care about the consumer and what they put out to the consumer information wise.

These are the people you need to seek out listen to and follow for advice, instruction and motivation.  And I am pleased to see so many such types here at WatchFit!

So use common sense and be smart. Don’t take all you see and hear at face value just because someone looks the part. Do your independent research. Google is a useful resource for that!

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