In Part 1 we looked at the background to Kettlebells and their history of scientific and athletic development by Cold War era Soviet Union. Now we can get down to the second part of  our workout – read Part One here.

Wrestler’s Row

Body parts targeted: Back, legs, biceps, forearms.


The Wrestler’s Row is an excellent all round strength developer. It’s so called because of being used by many Russian wrestlers, The exercise develops pulling strength through a full range of motion and develops great static holding power in the biceps and back.

How to perform the exercise:

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and squat down. Keep your back in neutral. Look straight ahead. Pull both kettlebells into your hips using the muscles on the outside of your back. Hold one in this position as you ‘row’ the other bell away and then back to your body. Do three reps and then switch arms.

Wrestler’s Row variation:

Renegade Row

– This progression increases the work the chest has to put into the exercise and requires great balance and core strength. Use two kettlebells. Start from a press up position with your weight supported on the bells. Keep your wrists strong and in neutral and back straight. Perform a deep press up. From this position ‘lean’ into one of the kettlebells to rotate your body, so that you are able to pull the other bell up and off the floor. Go for as long a range of motion as you can. Lower the kettlebell to the floor, balance and rotate to the other side to complete your next rep.

Single Kettlebell Snatch (floor version)

Body parts targeted: Legs, back, shoulders

Barbell snatches are used by many athletes to develop power and explosiveness and teach full body integration. Kettlebell snatches require the same qualities but are more accessible because they are actually easier to learn. They also engage the core a lot more because they are performed on one side of the body at a time.

How to perform the exercise:

Place a kettlebell between your legs. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Maintain a neutral back position. Take hold of the bell and in one motion move it from the floor to an overhead position. Your legs should generate most of the power. At the top position the bell should flip over your wrist into the racked position. Lower the kettlebell first to your shoulder and then to the floor.

 superstrength russian kettlebell_1

Training tips:

Make sure that you have perfected the swing and the clean kettlebell moves before attempting the snatch. These will provide great foundation strength and technique for this exercise.

Kettlebell snatch progressions:

Kettlebell grip snatch

This exercise is performed in exactly the same way as the previous version except instead of letting the kettlebell flip over at the top of the snatch, you simply stop it overhead in the ‘bottom up’ position by gripping it intensely. Hold the kettlebell in this position for three seconds.

Russian Lunge

This exercise will develop Soyuz rocket power in your legs! The Russian lunge is a simple yet extremely effective exercise at developing explosive leg power.

Body parts targeted: Legs, shoulders, core

How to perform the exercise:

Clean two kettlebells to your shoulders to the racked position. Take a large step forward to achieve a lunge position. Keep your front foot flat on the floor and support your weight through the toes of your rear foot. The knee of your front leg should be in line with your ankle. Keep your chest up and look straight ahead. Jump up explosively and switch your legs in mid air. Land ‘lightly’ and repeat.

Training tip:

Keep the bells tight into your shoulders, so they do not move about throughout the move.

Towel Curl

If you want arms like a Russian bear then this is the exercise for you.

Body parts targeted: Biceps, forearms, grip

How to perform the exercise:

Place a towel through the kettlebell. Grip the towel on both sides. Stand tall, look straight ahead and curl the bell. At the top contract the biceps for two seconds to really ‘pump’ the muscle. Lower the bell slowly and with control.

Training tip:
Do not swing your body backward or forward to add momentum to the exercise.

Use this three part series and transform your strength into super-strength!

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