The super-sets are broken into three workouts – each concentrates on different body parts, for example, the ‘Horizontal Push/Pull and arms’ super-set. Each super-set targets paired muscles, for example the dumbbell bench press, which targets the pushing muscles of the torso and the wide grip bent over row, which targets the pulling muscles of the torso.

Each workout and superset is designed to create a functionally balanced and aesthetically pleasing, athletic look. Leave at least 24 hours between workouts, as it in the time when you are not training when your muscles grow stronger and increase in size.

The 3-way split super-set workout

Always warm up with 5 min of gentle CV work and perform some functional movements for all body parts, such as marching on the spot and arm swings. Cool down with more easy CV work and stretch all body parts with held stretches, holding each for 10-15sec. Perform the first exercise in the pair and then the next. Then take 30sec and repeat. Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps, using a mediumheavy weight.

Day 1: horizontal push/pull and arms 

Super set 1

A Dumbbell Bench Press – Breathe in as you lower the bar and out as you press it to really engage your chest.

B Wide Grip Bent Over Barbell Row – Keep your head up and back flat – maintaining the natural curves of your spine.

Super set 2

A 30-degree Incline Dumbbell flyes – Lower so dumbbells are in line with your shoulders. Squeeze chest as you bring dumbbells together.

B 30-Degree Incline Reverse Dumbbell Flyes – Keep your chest flat on the bench and squeeze out the reps.

Super set 3

A Press-ups – Keep your body braced and lower it in a straight line.

B Body rows – With legs straight pull your chest up to the bar and slowly lower back to starting position.

Day 2: legs and core

Super set 1

A Split Squat – Take a large step forward. Lower your front thigh to parallel to the ground. Extend the leg and repeat for designated number of reps and then swap legs.

B Leg Curls – Control the weight on its return.

Super set 2

A Dead-lifts – Don’t use your arms to lift the weight – it’s a ‘posterior chain’ (hamstrings, butt and lower back) exercise.

B Leg Extensions – Squeeze out the reps and control super-slow when returning the weights.

Super set 3

A Alternating Lunges – Take a large step forward and lower to a front thigh parallel to the ground position. Step back and repeat with other leg.

B Standing Calf Raises – Brace your body, extend ankles and lower slowly.

Super set 4

A Plank with elbows on Swiss ball – Keep your core strong and braced. Maintain body alignment.

B Hip Extensions with feet on Swiss ball – Lift and hold to engage your butt and back.

Day 3: vertical push/pull and triceps

Super set 1

A Pull-Ups – Don’t swing. Extend your arms fully.

B Standing Barbell Shoulder Press – Keep your head up and back flat.

Super set 2

A Narrow Grip Seated Row – Pull your elbows back behind your torso.

B Side Lateral Raises – Lift your arms up parallel to the ground.

Super set 3

A Lat Pull Downs – Focus on your lats as you pull down and release with control.

B Machine Shoulder Press – Don’t let the weights fall – control their descent.

Super set 4

A Lying Triceps Barbell Extensions (aka ‘skull’ crushers) – Fix your upper arms in position as you bend your elbows to lower and lift.

B Barbell Biceps curls – Keep tall and squeeze your biceps as you lift and lower.

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