I’m not going to lie, I’m a massive film and TV fan and nothing gets me more excited than my favourite superheroes. I’ve dreamed of being them, but unless I get hit by a massive dose of Gamma Rays, I find out I’m from another planet or I become a billionaire playboy, it’s just not going to happen!

That being said I love helping people and fitness can at least give us a taste of what being our favourite superhero is like. So if we cant be our favourite hero lets at least feel like them by trying this super workout routine.


Warm up: The Flash

Our current version of Barry Allen can be seen on TV claiming to be the fastest man on the planet, so lets be like The Flash and speed away with a hill sprint warm up.

First incline the treadmill to full and start at a walking pace, after 1 min put your pace up to as fast as you can manage for 30 seconds. We repeat this up until the 15 min mark. After this is done you’ll no doubt feel like The Flash, and after a while of doing this you will be feeling like your faster than ever.

Legs: The Incredible Hulk

When you look at all the superheroes out there there’s no more that stand out more than my favourite of them all The Hulk. His sheer size makes him a perfect superhero to emulate but in order to get legs like the Hulk you’re going to have to work hard. Squats are Bruce Banners favourite and 5 sets of 20 reps at your bodyweight is what were looking at here. 100 reps so your legs can feel as big but hopefully not green like him.

Shoulders: Superman

Superman is a close second to The Hulk in my eyes, but one thing that is iconic about this guy is how well he holds things above his head. Planes, rockets and at times the whole Planet (if you get that you’re definitely a superhero geek like me) is held above his head.

Superman is a strict no nonsense character and so is his training, so in this instance were going to use the military press. Stand with your feet together keep the barbell around the upper chest and press straight up in the air above your head and bring it down to the starting level again. 6 sets of 8 reps to work your strength. You should feel like a Superman or Supergirl after this.

Back: Thor

Want a back like a God? Well I certainly do! Some say he gets a really good workout from picking up Mjölnir so often (his hammer). So to emulate our God of Thunder we are going to do one arm rows from the rack. Pick up the heaviest weight you can manage, assume a bent over position with the weight on the floor, we are going to grab it and pull our elbow up towards the ceiling, your other hand should be holding onto the rack to stabilise, you then simply swap over and do the other side.

4 sets of 12 reps per arm should be enough to get you close to almost picking Mjölnir up (we can hope).

superhero workout routine_2

Arms: Wolverine

Wolverine attacks by swiping his claws out and Logan knows the best way to do this is to train the triceps which are your biggest muscles in the arms with The Wolverine extension.

To do this find a double stack cable station and set the cables to high, then cross your arms over and grab the cables and extend the cables out to the side with the cables crossing in front of you. 5 sets of 15-20 reps squeezing the triceps hard at the end should give you the explosive power like Wolverine.

Brains: The Batman

As much as we want the body of our superheroes it’s important to remember to use our brains when making up our workout routines, adding some of these above exercises to your workouts might be better than doing them all together.

If you really wanna train your brain then don’t look for Ra’s al Ghul, put aside time to learn the things that might help you with your goals.

Lastly no-one has ever seen me in the same room as any of these guys at the same time. Just saying, coincidence or not ill let you decide…

I hope you all find the hero in you. Until next time I’m needed, keep the world safe for me!

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