The Better way to structure a fat burning cardio workout is not typical.

Results vary per person.

If you have diabetes, back, neck, knee pain or asthma this may not be for you. Consult your doctor before starting this kind of program.


Use a foam roller, lite cardio and stretching before starting the workout.

Stretch your arms, low back and legs for 15-30 seconds after lite cardio/warm up.

Do this at your own risk (please be careful).

You can use a rower, jump rope, treadmill, stepper, stair climber, bike, soccer/football field, track, hill or stairs/bleachers/stadium different challenges to utilize.

fat burning cardio workout2

Beginners: Go as fast as you can for 6-10 seconds, move slowly for 50-54 seconds to catch your breathe and/or drink water then repeat for 6-12 rounds.

Regular trainees: Go as fast as you can for 10-20 seconds, move slowly to catch your breathe and/or drink water then repeat for 8-22 rounds.

Advanced trainees: Go as fast as you can for 20-90 seconds, slow down/recover for 40-70 seconds then repeat for 12-22 rounds.

If you are in a group of 6 or more jog around a track or field, the person currently in front yells go and the person in the back runs as fast as they can to the front.

Repeat until everyone does 4-20 sprints as best as all of you can. I do enjoy this, especially when my cardio increased. The first time I did this I was 11 years old, I will be 30 in July.

The goal for this is to burn fat and have more fun in less time. I have done program like this for 11 years now. I love to do this on a field, hill and stairs/bleachers/stadium. I need and prefer this over long, slow, boring cardio.

To increase competition, motivation and fun you can do this with 1 or more people.

With a program like this you can change the intervals.

Sprint longer, do more intervals but do NOT take too much time intervals unless you are lite headed, struggling to breathe, cramping, about to vomit or anything along those variables.

Challenge yourself, make it challenging every time and have fun with this(I do!!). Again be careful with a program like this.

Have a towel, water, gatorade and a foam roller with you every time you do this. You are very likely to sweat more, burn more fat and have more fun. Feel and look better in less time than long, slow, boring cardio.

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