Former ultra-FIT cover model, personal trainer and sprinter Derryn Brown puts together a Full Body Blast Workout, designed to torch calories and build great shape.

Derryn says: Last issue I created a kettlebell and medicine ball workout designed to obliterate calories. Now we do the same with just a swiss ball, dumbbells and your body weight to create a do anywhere workout. Have fun!

The workout

Repeat the entire sequence of exercises 4-5 times depending on how much time you have. Move quickly from one exercise to the next. Make sure you warm up and cool down before and after the workout.

1. Squats with hammer curl holding dumbbells (15-20 reps)

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbells by your sides, as you lower into the squat curl the weights up towards your shoulders. When you stand up lower the weights under control.

2. Forward lunges with lateral raise with dumbbells (15 reps each side)

Stand with your feet together and dumbbells next to your body, as you take a large step forward into a lunge lift the weights up towards your side and then to shoulder-height. Lower under control as you step back to the starting position. Step forward with your other leg for the next rep.

Body Blast_2

3. Seated shoulder press on swiss ball (15 reps)

Sit on the Swiss ball holding the dumbbells in each hand. Start with them at shoulder-height, then extend your arms to push them over head. Lower under control and repeat. Keep your core braced throughout.

4. Triceps press-ups on knees or dips on a bench (10-15 reps)

Triceps press-ups: Position yourself on a mat with your knees on the floor, bring your hands close together, lower your body towards the ground while keeping your elbows in – make sure your body moves as one unit. Push back up.

Bench dips: Keep your hands close together behind your back, legs bent and feet on the floor, lower yourself and then push back up.

5. Bent over fly with dumbbells (15 reps)

Stand with feet hip-width apart and lean forward, keeping your knees bent and back straight, then bring the dumbbells up to shoulder-height, squeeze the shoulder blades together and lower them back down with control.

6. Step ups onto a box into high knee lift (12 reps)

Step up onto a box with your left foot, bringing your right leg up into a high knee position. Bring the right  foot down to touch the box and then step back down to the floor leading with the left. Reverse the movement for the next rep. You can also hold dumbbells to make the exercise more challenging.

7. Superman on all fours (15 reps)

Great for the core and back. Start on all fours and stretch out your left hand as if you are trying to touch something in front of you whilst at the same time stretching out your right leg. You want to elongate the body, feeling that stretch. Bring your limbs in and then repeat with the opposite leg and arm. Don’t rush this exercise, focus on your form and make sure the movement is controlled.

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