In Part 1 yesterday Luis Velez introduced us to the creation and concept of the Stability Ball Workouts and how to fit yourself up properly with one. Here he takes us through a superb complete routine…

Progressive stability ball routine

In applying the previously mentioned principles (see part 1) in executing a workout using the stability ball, here is a workout worth trying. Remember – safety is always the number one priority.


It is important that you have a solid foundation of core stability performing planks, sit-ups and push-ups on a firm surface before attempting to use a stability ball.

Starting static

1. Front Plank on the Ball:

The goal of any plank is to maintain alignment of the knees, hips, torso and shoulders while stabilizing. Positioning includes: having forearms on the ball and your feet are on the ground while creating a straight line with your body.

The most stable way to hold this position is to have your feet apart creating a base of support. To progress this exercise you just need to bring your feet together to challenge your stability. You can further test stability by alternating bringing one foot off the ground by extending your hip.

2. Bridge with Feet on the Ball:

In a supine position, start by placing your feet, slightly apart on the ball and raising your hips while your shoulders and head remain resting on the ground. The goal is to maintain a straight line from feet to shoulders forming a “bridge”.

The most stable position includes having your arms on the ground and your lower legs and heels on the ball. To challenge the stability of this exercise, put your feet together and raise your arms off the ground.

Still too easy? Adjust the ball so that just your heels are contact with the ball. Remember that nobody likes a “swinging bridge”.  stability ball workouts, stability ball workouts, stability ball workouts, stability ball workouts

Getting more dynamic

1. Ball Walkout:

Start by resting your chest on the ball with hands and feet on the ground. Make sure that your arms are in contact with the ball. This will be your starting and ending position of each repetition. While maintaining alignment and keeping your arms straight, you will walk out with your hands until your feet are on the ball and then walk back to start position.stability ball workouts_3

You can progress this exercise by walking out until your toes are on the ball (make sure to dig your toes into the ball). If you want to get more dynamic, incorporate a push-up at the end of the walkout.

Still too easy? Extend one foot off of the ball while performing a push-up and then repeat with other foot and walk back to start position.  

There are even more ways to progress this exercise by adding combinations of various calisthenics. It is important to remember to alternate between open and closed chain exercises.

2. Ball Bridge with Leg Curl:

Using the same position as the bridge with feet on the ball, you will perform a leg curl by bending your knees. This exercise will definitely get your glutes and hamstrings firing.

3. Crunches on the Ball:

This is a simple and open chain exercise in reference to the upper extremity. Start by sitting on the ball. You will then walk your feet out so that your lower back and buttocks are on the ball. The most stable position involves having a wide base of support with your feet. As you progress, you can bring your feet in closer together. To add variation you just need to add a twist of your torso as you crunch.

Here is a sample Circuit

– Front Plank on Ball 20 seconds
– Bridge with Feet on the Ball 20 seconds
– Ball Walkout 8x
– Crunches on the Ball 20x
– Ball Walkout with a Push-up 8x
– Twist Crunches on the Ball 10x each
– Ball Walkout with Alternating Hip Extension/Push-up 6x each
– Ball Bridge with Leg Curl 10x

To further progress this workout into a calorie torcher you can incorporate intervals of quick feet exercise such as jump rope, step-ups, agility ladder footwork, etc in between each exercise.

You can start at 20 second intervals and add 5 seconds a week to increase muscular endurance while varying the exercises and increasing the challenge of stability.

This is what Velezercise is all about! Hope you enjoyed reading stability ball workouts. 

For more information on Velezercise, I invite you to check out my channels and contacts on my profile page: Connect with Expert Luis Velez

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