The fit ball is a great tool to use for your workouts and especially your core and abdominal exercises. No matter what exercise you do on the ball, you will always engaging your core muscles because the fit ball creates an unbalanced surface which triggers your core muscles to get working.

It’s an easy piece of equipment to keep even at home, portable to move around and not expensive at all to buy for such a great training tool for your workouts. Always make sure you get the right size for you, as they come in different sizes depending on your height.

Crunch and twist

Lie on the ball with the fit ball supporting your lower back. Your head and upper back are off the fit ball. Don’t let your pelvis sink as your in position. Keep your neck muscles relaxed so the neck doesn’t tense or strain to help you up. Contract your abdominals to crunch up centre towards the ceiling.

When you are in the upwards phase twist the core to the left knee. Come back to centre and release back down. Repeat the same on the other side. Perform 3 sets. Work your way up from 10 reps on each side and increase from there.

Side crunches on ball

Kneel down close to a wall or somewhere to support your feet. With the wall on one side, place the Fit ball on the other side close by you to tuck the ball under your hips. Roll on top of the ball, so your feet push off from the support on the wall, so you are in a side lying position on the Fit Ball.

This requires practice just on the balance itself, so you are working the core anyways. From there place your hands on your forehead and contract the abs to crunch sideways. Perform 10 reps and repeat on the other side. Do a total of 3 sets.

Ball roll outs

Kneeling upright on a matt, place a Fit Ball in front of you. Place your hands in a fist on the Fit Ball. Contract your abs and keep your core tight and controlled while rolling the fit ball out in front of you, till you come out to a half plank. Here make sure your back does not sink.

stability ball ab exercises_2

Hold for 2 seconds and make sure your elbows are kept below your shoulders. Then roll the Fit Ball back in till your are full upright again on your knees with the Fit Ball in front of you again. Perform 10-15reps for 3 sets.

Plank on ball

Hold a plank position on the Fit Ball for as long as you can till failure. Make sure your body is in a parallel position to the floor. Your elbows are below your shoulders but keep your chest off the ball. Hold that balance there to really work those core muscles.


With your body in a push up position, place your hands on the floor below your shoulders and your Fit Ball underneath your shins. Hold this position strong. From there keep your core controlled and tight and pull the legs in towards your chest. Control and push the legs back out. This is a great full body move. Perform 3 sets of 10-15reps.

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