There is a thin line between loving and hating squats. It really divides people! But this magical exercise, when completed and performed properly, has direct application for weight loss, posture and athletic performance.

This exercise has the most benefits, functional application and time efficiency for a workout. Wait a second, time is not a factor nor is a functional application for my workouts! Well, guess what: still do squats!

Squat workout benefits # 1: Weight loss


With 200 skeletal muscles activated during a squat, this exercise is incredibly important for weight loss. The more skeletal muscles activated during an exercise, the more of an increased metabolic demand. The higher the metabolic demand, the higher in the increase in caloric expenditure.

Remember when it comes to weight loss it is not necessarily about the number of calories used during the workout; the focus lies increasing your metabolism post workout.

When squatting you have joints of the body either moving or stabilizing. Rule of thumb: the more joints involved in an exercise (multi-joint), the more skeletal muscles involved in the exercise. If you have maximized the number of skeletal muscles activated, then you can increase metabolic output.

squats workout benefits_2Squat workout benefits # 2: Athletics/fitness

The discipline and mastering of your squat have significant benefits for your fitness and athletic performance. Most of your Olympic style lifts, power, and compound exercises derive from the squat pattern.

There are several squat patterns to master as well. In strength and conditioning, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have several variations: a traditional squat, the Bulgarian, split squat and a single leg to name a few. By taking the time to improve your motor coordination in the different squat patterns you can improve sport performance, since most athletic scenarios and sports involve some form of a squat.

When we are running or sprinting, the single leg squat will greatly benefit because both activities involve being on one leg.

Squat workout benefits # 3: Active Daily Lifestyle

We squat every day. We are a species that is engineered to move and not remain sedentary. Sitting and standing, picking up something off the ground and gardening are basic examples of squatting in day-to-day life. This is no different than athletic performance, mastering your squatting pattern provides benefits with your active daily lifestyle.

Through squatting, you are improving muscular strength, balance, motor control, stability and joint function. For an individual over 50, improving these functions of the human body will decrease the chance of injury and increase independent living too.

The benefits of squatting are overwhelming in favor to improving health, fitness and or sports performance

If you are someone who is just starting out, take the time to master this movement pattern for it has significant application to your health and building a strong exercise routine. For the experienced lifter and athlete, continuing adding the variety of squats will improve your strength, motor coordination and performance.

I hope that has given you something to think about and focus on. Maybe you now see the squats in a new light and can appreciate their incredible versatility and array of genuine benefits.

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