spinning workout. I call it “The Criss Cross” where we alternate between a flat road and a hill with some jumps and sprints along the way to get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and leave you feeling fabulous.

Whether your workout is outdoors or indoors, I recommend proper clothing and footwear along with good bike fit for comfort and to get the most out of your ride. A great spinning workout must have music that pumps the heart and legs so grab yours and let’s have some fun! Don’t forget your water and towel!

Start with a warm up. This gives you the chance to connect with form, your breath and the bike. The resistance is light. Spin at a comfortable pace. As your legs turn over, pedal on the balls of your feet with the strongest part of your foot is in contact with the strongest part of the pedal.


Align your knees over your first and second toes for the most efficient pedal stroke, with your elbows soft and relaxed over top of your knees. Sit tall in the saddle and connect to your breath, allowing your inhalation to expand all sides of your torso to open and energize your body.

When you exhale, empty all the air out of your lungs, breathing out any tension or fatigue. Continue to focus on your breath as you shrug your shoulders a few times. Roll them forward and roll them backwards to loosen up the upper body.

Roll the wrists a few times and remember to keep a light grip on the handle bars at all times. Come back down to the bars and let’s go to work!

sweaty spinning workout for a new sexy you

The road is flat. On a scale of one to ten, in terms of intensity, aim for 7.5 by the end of this drill. Bring your resistance up to moderate and relax in the saddle as you spin at a comfortable pace for 2 minutes, focusing on a fluid pedal stroke.

Maintain the same pace, add a little more resistance to get ready to jump. The goal is smooth transitions and a steady pace as you lift out of the saddle and lower in counts of four.

Jump for 2 minutes and then return to the saddle. Spin for one more minute at the same pace and then jump for one more minute. Return to the saddle!

It’s time to climb. Sit back in the saddle, drop your heels and push through the balls of your feet as you add resistance to the flywheel, enough to slow your legs down where you feel the terrain.

Dig into it and every minute, add a little more resistance until you are ready to lift out of the saddle and down to the handle bars for a standing climb. Stay relaxed and breathe.

Every minute continue to add a little more resistance so that by the time you reach the top of the hill, your intensity should be 8 to 8.5 on our scale. You gauge how long you want this climb to be!

Return to the saddle and reduce the resistance to moderate. We’re going to sprint down the backside so recheck your form as these accelerations are done in the saddle. Take 3 sprints to the bottom of the hill, with each acceleration at 20 seconds followed by 40 seconds of recovery.

Maintain control and good form throughout. At the bottom of the hill, take half the resistance off your flywheel and spin for more more minute. Remove all the resistance.

Great work! Remember to stretch and rehydrate after any spinning workout for optimal recovery.

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