Intro and guidelines

Using a spinning bike is a great way to increase your fitness and work up a good sweat as well as being kind to your joints as there is no impact involved. Spinning bike workouts are also a great way to burn fat as they allow you to easily adjust the resistance to create intervals. Intervals are blocks of time set for a ‘working’ period and for your rest.

This particular workout involves intervals in the form of a pyramid. A pyramid format increases in time to a ‘peak’ then a decreases back to the original starting interval. Each stage of this spinning bike workout has a rest period followed by a working period. The rest intervals are active meaning that you will work at a lower intensity compared to the working period.


This workout is great for torching fat as you are constantly changing the intensity throughout the workout, which in turn places greater demand on your body to perform this spinning bike workout.

Workout plan:

The spinning bike workout involves seven stages, each stage having a rest period and a working period of equal length in time. The rest periods involve being seated on the spinning bike and working at an intensity of 5/10. The working periods require you to be in a standing position on the spinning bike working at an intensity of 8/10.

You will need to adjust the resistance setting for both the seated and standing intervals. The workout starts with 30 seconds seated working at 5/10 followed by 30 seconds standing working at an intensity of 8/10.

Fab fat torching spinning bike workouts2

This is then followed by stages of being seated and standing for 1 minute, 1 ½ minutes and 2 minutes. After completing the 2 minute standing interval you will then be seated for 1 ½ minutes, followed by standing for 1 ½ minutes. The spinning bike workout continues with the 1 minute stage and then completing the workout with the 30 second stage. That’s a 16 minute fat torching spinning bike workout.

Additional tips:

Before starting this spinning bike workout, ensure that you warm up adequately. This can be done by starting off at an easy pace and resistance to increase your body temperature and get your muscles ready for the workout.

Doing this for 3-5 minutes gradually increasing your speed and resistance should be sufficient. The intensity is based on your perception of the exercise and resistance, therefore will vary from person to person. Making sure you get the ‘feel’ for the intensity correct will ensure you benefit as much you can from this workout.

For example, 8/10 for 30 seconds will probably be a higher resistance than 8/10 for 2 minutes. The idea is to keep the same pace and maintain your rhythm for the whole interval. Whilst on a spinning bike, there is a tendency to focus on pushing down on the pedals. It is also important to pull up on the pedals as well as pushing down to get the maximum benefit from spinning bike workouts.

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