In Part 1 yesterday, Sophie shared the impact certain events had on her life and how it shaped her ethos and outlook on life.

Today, we continue to learn more about this fascinating WatchFit Expert…

5. You are writing a book. What can you tell us about this?

Of course! I started writing a book this year to help me through dealing with Mum and Dad dying. I find writing very cathartic and it allows me to process the life lessons I am learning. It also helps me to face and heal my past and move forward.

For me helping people is very important so I want to use the life lessons I am learning on my journey to help others too. The book provides the perfect avenue for this. My Mum was going to write a book and I think my Dad would have done similar so I am writing for the three of us!

6. If people know you or meet you as a model are they surprised to find out about your Doctorate pursuits?

I think the contrast of the two paths surprises people but I find the mix provides me with a lot more fulfilment in my life as I can be creative and bring out my intellectual side too, although it sounds very strange calling myself intellectual!

For anyone who knows me I am a complete geek and have enough books to stock a mini library!

7. Any plans to compete in bikini/figure/physique competitions?

I was going to compete in the bikini category of the WBFF and had gone along way down the lines in terms of preparation, but then my Mum died and my plans and focus changed. I am more focused now on building a brand with regards to my book and completing my PhD.

But I will definitely be incorporating modelling and fitness in there somewhere! I think we tend to focus too much on how things will happen and it creates a lot of stress and makes us miss many key opportunities on the journey.

I am just working hard, staying open to possibilities and trusting that these things will all come together in their own way and in their own time.

8. If you could only do three exercises for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

Ooh hard question and I may cheat with the answer a little!

I would have to say that Yoga, interval training and posterior chain exercises are my must haves.

Yoga is amazing for flexibility and core strength. Interval work allows my training to be more efficient and helps me to stay lean. Posterior chain exercises – well anything for the gluteal muscles and hamstrings is a winner for us girls!!

sophie suri Q&A_59. You have been very open and honest about some struggles in recent times, but you look and sound absolutely radiant. What are your go-to health and grooming tips?

You know it has taken me a long time to learn to look after myself mentally and physically.

I really believe that when you look after the internal it reflects on the external so for me the important things are not really beauty products but a lifestyle of clean eating and looking after my mental health – although moisturising is a must and my hair extensions a necessity!

By clean eating I simply mean that most of the time I eat a diet full of natural produce (e.g. fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts, brown rice) and drink plenty of water. With regards to mental health I find that my yoga and meditation practices help me cope with the demands of life in a calmer manner.

I really believe these two key areas are the foundations for my physical health and radiant appearance as you so kindly call it!

10. We’ve loved having your great content here at WatchFit and look forward to more. Can we look out for anything in particular – A ‘Train Like A Fitness Model’ Plan perhaps in the app?

Thank you so much! I really do love working with WatchFit and think they will go from strength to strength in the future. I definitely have many ideas for future projects so watch this space!

As I advance with the book and my Yoga I am sure that new ideas will emerge!

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