Considering training alone?

So you’ve decided to go solo with your gym training?

Think of all the times signing up to a gym seemed like a great idea… BUT life got in the way!


You had great intentions once again but what happened? You lost motivation.

Should I be training alone?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In fact gyms have an 80% drop off of in participants within the first three months. Gyms have thousands of non-active paying members. In fact they rely on it!

The other 20% are usually training with a trainer, attending group exercise or have a training buddy. Very few are in there training consistently by themselves.

Training solo doesn’t have to be boring, scary or overwhelming! In fact there are many benefits- you can fit the gym into your own schedule and you can start at your preferred level.

Become your own PT by using these tips!

Motivate Yourself

Personal trainers come prepared, they consult in the first session in order to gain an understanding of your motives and exactly what you wish to achieve.

 The first step to becoming motivated is to recognise why you set foot inside a gym in the first place. Think about your goals: do you have an event coming up, summer perhaps? Maybe you saw a recent photo and you dragged your butt to the gym.

We all have our reasons to get in shape, but make it personal and use these goals as motivation during your days of procrastinating. Set both long and short-term targets and be realistic.

Remember each workout is taking you a step closer to the prize!

Have a Weekly Planner

Personal trainers set your routine for you, if you don’t show you will be charged for the session and the trainer will be on your case. You need to have accountability for your daily/weekly/monthly schedule.

 Set your gym days/times in advance so you know each day what the plan is. Set it so that your social life can’t get in the way of it. You will have rest days incorporated into your schedule to allow for social activities, and you can make use of lunch breaks for shorter more intense sessions.

Get Expert Advice

Personal trainers will tailor a bespoke program to suit your needs.  Do a little research and print out a plan you think fits your goals and won’t bore you. Modify your workouts to make it more of a challenge.

You’ll need to increase the weight/intensity/volume to challenge yourself during the workout. Instructors/trainers are usually on standby to offer a spot if you decide to go heavier, they can be used for technical advice also.

Make a workout plan

Turn up to the gym knowing exactly what your plan is for that day. There is plenty of material featured on the internet  (WatchFit for example) from beginner to advanced level workouts.

A lot of people get bored with the gym because they continue with the same exercises on a weekly basis, start to plateau and wonder why they’re not getting the desired results…

It’s handy to have a training diary and note down your set exercises, tempo, reps/sets and setting an expiry date of 4-6 weeks to set a new plan.

training alone_2

Track your Progress

Personal Trainers will track your results. Install a suitable app to track your calories/macro’s etc and find out if anyone measures body fat percentage in your health centre. That data is important to see if you’re making progress or if you need to make some changes for the next phase of training.

Measure your body fat

You may not see the changes taking place yourself, having your body fat measured every month in conjunction with the scales to determine your lean muscle mass/body fat percentage will give you a better understanding of where you’re at and the effectiveness of the program itself.

Your lifestyle or nutrition protocols are imperative to achieving your set goals. Everything you do is useful data to how you tweak the program in the future. You should be making gains and progress along the way, if that’s not the case you should make the necessary changes.

Psych Yourself up

A personal trainer will be focused on keeping you charged up, positive and engaged. Pushing you through when times are tough, they will take you through boundaries you didn’t think were possible.

Using music or personal mantra to get your head in the game can go a long way. Have that never give up attitude (remember attitude is a choice).

When you feel the workout is getting tough or you feel like quitting, remember the goals, remember where you want to be and fight off those negative thoughts with positive ones.

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